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Giang Ho Loans makes a great deal of interest for Saigon's business

Chau and jubenils earn 20-30% interest per month, legalizing car rental; Using wastes, shrimp to terrorize the debtor's beef.

The Ho Chi Minh Police Department detained 30 people in Le Ngoc Chau (36 years, Hai Phong field) and Phung Anh Tuan, 20 people arrested (37, resident of Nam Dinh). vi Interest in lending interest in civil interest transactions.

All suspects are people from the North, from Saigon to 2016. After a long period of monitoring, more than a month ago, scouts started on the car rentals and shops of Ba Thang Hai Road. District 10) Chau is the director. Almost 100 car rental registries, various help tools, weapons … seized.

Chau (left) and dear to birth. Photo: Police,

Chau (left) and dear to birth. Photo: The police provide,

The police determines that Chau's car tenant loans are payday loans between 20 and 30 years. Chau covered the car rental contract with the loan; Save your ID card, home registration book … Believe the debtors.

On Interest Payment, lenders pay for payment. If not yet, the team of Chau's tattooed toys was taken to the debtor's house. In April 2016, Mrs. Truong lived in position 6 without any interest. They crossed four young men, were found in 7 districts and then transferred to the company's main headquarters.

"This group created a company to hide the activity of black credit, the record gathered here indicates the original amount of more than $ 500 million, but 150 million dongs per month are collected", said one official researcher.

At the same time, In three branches of the telephone business, laptops 8, 9 and Binh Thanh district were also auditedLet's seize a lot of installment purchase records. Working with the police, buyers recognize that these stores are borrowing money, with 20-30% interest per month.

"They have a script for treating two bad debtors. At first, they will use shrimp, waste water, paint … they will use them to terrorize their debt or earn money," said the researcher.

According to General General Phan Anh Minh (Deputy Director General of the Ho Chi Minh Police) there are more than 800 people and interest rate violations. More than two hundred people are in the North province, who have bad identities, who research and want.

At the end of 2018, the forces registered 320 people, but most were only punished by administrative violations, such as temporary residence, public disorder … Only a few are arrested and detained by the convicted criminal group.

Lending to the great interest of civil transactions.

1. Any person with a civil transaction with a rate of 5 times higher than the one established in the Civil Code has unlawful profits of more than 30 million euros, less than 100 million VNDs; or have been administratively punished for this behavior; or condemned to that offense, not only punish the punishment but also violate it, it will pay 50 million and $ 200 million; or a non-consolidating reform of 3 years.

2. Commitment to crime VND to achieve profits of up to 100 million or more will result in a fine of between 200 million and million VND or a prison sentence of 6 months and 3 years.

3. The offenses may also vary from 30 million to 100 million euros, forbidding certain positions, making certain occupations or doing jobs for five years.

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