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Grants to start a business borrowed from grandma, now owning 67,300 million – Finance


Wednesday, 2008/11/28 5:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Many people gather this billiard for the next generation Jack Ma.

One of Wang Qin's most popular billionaires is in China's 8th generation. At the beginning of his career, he had to go to alcoholic societies so badly that he had a bad influence on his health. Every day he had to take the pill against fatty liver. That night, sleepless nights often worked with great pressure. As a result, he had to take a relaxing nap to take. In addition, Wang Qiqing must also take another medicine to keep a hard work in healthy jobs.

Shortly afterwards, Wang Qi Cheng has achieved academic excellence. When he was college, he worked to win a car. On the day of the students, the meeting is regularly attended, it puts up relationships. As a result, he met an optical fiber trader and created a company.

At that time, Wang Jincheng borrowed his grandmother's money. Previously, his father used to borrow money from the house and used his contempt for relatives, the ridiculed family Wang is not buying any money for a beautiful home. This had a great influence on Wang Qin and realized that the money was not deprecated by others. So from college, Wang was constantly thinking about how to make money.

After setting up the company, Wang Qicheng is constantly marketing and gains in many businesses in many cities. In a short time, he made the first million yuan (3.4 million). At the age of 22, Wang Qi Cheng founded HanDin technology company before graduating from college. This company specializes in the field of intelligent construction. His wife was also one of the main investors of the company.

Granting money to start a grandmother business, now owns 67,300 million - 1

Billionaire 8x Vương Kỳ Thành

Initially, the company had four members. But gradually, under the leadership of Wang Qin, the company has made rapid growth. In 2012, Han Ding won over 200 million yuan (673 million) annuals and ChiNext-Nasdaq stock (USA).

Grants to start a business with grandma borrowed, now owns 67,300 million - 2

Wang Qin Jack Ma-n

Nowadays, Wang has introduced a number of businesses, even though they enter the field of entertainment, hire a lot of stars. In addition, thanks to successful capital operations, Han Dynasty's market capitalization exceeds 100 million yuan (336,547 million dong), Wang's wealth is over 20 million yuan ($ 67,309 million). Many people assume that Ma Ma will be the next generation.

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