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Great differences in the US and Chinese trading business

The United States and China on Wednesday launched a major trading bargain negotiation that both sides cleared the structural reform economic reform in Washington. This disagreement will prevent both sides from reaching an agreement in the US because China's tariffs are increasing on March 2.

Both parties will approach the White House, from 12/2018 onwards at high speeches.

According to reporters and experts on tracking events, Chinese officials are ready to face the U.S. basic requirements to protect the title. Intellectual property and end-to-end policies to force US companies to transfer technology to China.

Chinese officials refuse to enforce their policies to transfer technology to foreign companies. They have said that measures have been taken, reducing car taxes and establishing a foreign investment bill to help foreign companies improve access to the Chinese market and fulfill the planned commitments. administrative measures to tackle technology transfer ".

China's law is accelerating, but it is almost certain that China will bill the only formal parliament in March.

According to senior U.S. government officials, a major part of the negotiation development negotiation is in China to enforce the verification mechanisms and "enforcement". Commitment to the reform of the people.
This mechanism could maintain long-term US fares in China.

Negotiations after some business groups did not put too much hope in this week's breakthrough.

Erin Ennis, Vice President of the US and China Business Council, said that in a single month it had come to an end that the two sides would make the best proposals in the next two days.

"I do not think there's going to be much," Ennis said. Fortunately, they will do a good job to help the two parties finish 90 days. "

On January 29, two days later, US Secretary of State Finance Steven Mnuchin, a Trumps government minister, agreed to an agreement with China. Trading optimistic treatment.

Mnuchin said the Fox Business Network hopes that it expects "significant progress" on the market's access and technology transfer.


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