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Hanoi: Search for 16 seats in the price of Bilbao, passengers leaving the center of the road

Reflection with PV AP On the afternoon of April 27 Nguyen Van Quyet (SN 1984, in the province of Yen Bai), a 16-seat driver financed the frustration that doubled the ticket price on a regular basis. Travelers leave the car, leaving only the road.

Regarding things, Mr. Quyet said at 12:00 PM, he and some friends came home on vacation on April 30, so he took a 16-seat bus to BKS 29B-196.XX has signaled his route to Hanoi. Yen Bai comes from the intersection of the Pham Hung road with the Duy Tan road (Cau Giay, Hanoi).

After saying the last point I wanted to move and drop a part of the road, a driver from Quyet received 250,000 VND (approximately $ 120,000 / ticket). This makes Quy feel uncomfortable but still accepted.

"At 14:00, the car goes to No. 58 in Noi Bai – Lao Cai, in the town of Phu Tho (Phu Tho Province), asks the driver to leave the bus to the plane, waiting for other vehicles to stay on.

In awe-inspiring moment, things were thrown out of the car, and everyone was pushed out. Just wait there, this car is closed and then fled, "said Mr. Quyet.

Then Mr. Quyet and another 7 people had to wait in the middle of the sun to catch another car to go home.

Hanoi: Find a 16-seat vehicle for the Bilbao price, leave guests in the middle of the motorway - 1

Passengers charged with a double rate on regular days are "deceived" in the middle of the road (Photo: CTV).

Verification, Mr. Ly Truong Son – The director of My Dinh Bus Station has said that BKS 29B-196.XX passenger cars have a 16-seat car "umbrella" car that does not work at the bus station.

"People who use passenger transport services should get into the station to buy tickets to secure their tickets, to avoid similar cases. My Dinh bus station always guarantees sufficient passenger cars to meet all the needs of the trip, whether on weekdays or holidays – Mr.

Mr. Tran Nhat Quang – The Inspector General of the Department of Transportation of Hanoi said that the unit will be subject to inspection and verification of this case after more detailed information.

Nguyen Truong

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