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Has Vice President of the Safety Department of Ha Tinh does not have to re-appoint the new office?

Monday, January 14, 2019 21:00 (GMT + 7)

The names of the head of the Traffic Safety Committee of the province of Ha Tinh have not yet been re-nominated, yet they have been signed by directors.

Has Vice President of the Safety Department of Ha Tinh does not have to re-appoint the new office? - 1

Although the term of five years has expired, Mr. Viet has not been named.

This is Mr. Hoang Minh Viet (born on 25 August 1960), working at the Traffic Safety Committee of the Ha Tinh province. According to Decision 688/98 of April 8, 688, of the Provincial Council of Ha Tinh, Mr. Hoang Minh Viet was appointed Deputy Director of the Board of Directors since the signing of the 5-year term of the Provincial Province of Traffic Safety. . For the moment, Mr Viet's appointment has been almost every year, but he has signed some local orientation documents. This seems like many places anxious.

Responding to Nguyen Thanh Hung, a member of the Department of Internal Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung: Mr. Hoang Minh Viet continued the signed documents on behalf of the Deputy Chairman of the Board, Haishah's current traffic safety was inadequate. On March 26, 2018 (regarding Mr. Viet's decision to designate Deputy Director of Traffic Safety, it was not effective), the Department of the Interior gave the Board of Directors of the Provincial Council Committee written advice. However, the province is still considered as the result of the Presidency Resolution 22/2017 / QD-TTg.

Specifically, the Decision of the 2006/6/26 Resolution, 22/2017 / QD-TTg, which regulates the National Traffic Safety Commission and the operation of the Provincial and Urban Traffic Safety Committee directly under the central government, states: "Territories and Central Cities of 2 million or more With the complexity of the traffic security of the population, the President of the People's Commission – Traffic Safety Director will represent the head of the Provincial Directorate of Traffic Safety of the province or city. "

Following this rule, Ha Tinh does not have enough criteria to name the title. In fact, up to now, the Ha Tinh population is still made up of 1.3 million people (according to the website of the Provincial Province of Ha Tinh), it has not changed the state of traffic in the province. complex

Mr Hung claims that Mr. Viet is still delaying the organization and organization of "positions" by the Vice-President.

"Previously, the Deputy Director of the ATGT was the position of the board of directors of the board of directors, which allowed the management of the department to have the same regime. The timetable for the consolidation of the new regulations should be followed by the direction of the provincial bridge board, and from the beginning, the Permanent Commission of the Provincial Council The Provincial Entity report will be accompanied by an organizational plan according to the Provincial Council.

In the meantime, Mr. Hoang Dinh Ha, the head of the Committee of the Committee of the Committee of the Committee of the Ha Tinh, said: This information has been understood. In summary, last month, however, the Organizing Committee discussed this issue, however, Comrade Head's business progressed, so there was no direction. We will notify you to the President. "

Mr Hoang Minh Viet explained: "After the decision was made in TTCP, Haiph also brought this issue to the table, and at that time the Chairman of the Board of the Council, People's Council and Internal Affairs Department was notified and accepted to maintain the current situation. However, Mr. Viet also acknowledged today that the Foral Party Committee and the Ha Tinh Committee are not re-designating the official document or appointing the Commission's Deputy Director.

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