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He determined that eating fish meat was "more precious than gold".

Wednesday, February 27, 2016 15:49 (GMT + 7)

Iridescent gold fish caught, Mr. Hung and put in a basket and take it home.

When deciding to eat fish, suspicion is perceived more precious than gold and # 34; - 1

Fish supposes a yellow tiger, caught by Mr Hong and his friends

On February 27, the government of Dien Kim, in the district of Dien Chau, said Nghe Province said that the people around him had caught a golden gold fish of gold, a million dollar dong. .

Therefore, at the beginning of February 26, Dao Xuan Hong and other residents of Tien Tien 1, in the village of Dien Kim, seized the boats into the sea to catch the fish next to the Lach Van estuary.

After explaining, Mr. I found Hong and iridescent yellow scale fish, he thought the fish was normal, Mr. Hong put it in a basket and brought it home to cut the meat.

After returning to fish, Mr. Hong weighed and the fish was 1.6 kg, 50 cm long.

After knowing Mr. Hong and catching a big yellow fish, some neighbors went home and thought that many people sold VND billions.

Mr. Hong heard online as if it was a yellow sardine to look for his fish, he bought and bought a cold stone.

Then, many local fishers have confirmed that goldfish.

Mr. Shared by Hong: "I do not know why we use social networks, I ask my buyers and friends to find fish buyers to upload photos. For the moment, customers are constantly persuading and seeing their customers, still priced yet without agreement."

We know that meat is yellow because it is rare because there are few fish. Fish has a high nutritional content. In particular, gold bubbles are used to make micro-surgical and surgical micro-circuits and surgical sutures, ranging from 45,000 to 55,000 dollars / kg, depending on the duration of the ball.


A fisherman from Binh Dinh caught a fish with a yellow body, a white belly, a red fin, body and tail, black dots like black fish …

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