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Huong Tram suddenly sends letters and called Bui Anh Tuan youth, fans want to meet – Young World


Not only is Bui Anh Tuan Spring called, Huong Melaleua also makes "teeth decay" because the audience is the level of sweet imagination.

Recently, in his personal fanpage, the singer Bui Anh Tuan suddenly received a handwritten letter from him. That's why the notes of the male singer "The first time I received the writing of Melaleua, we feel honesty through each one of the tracks, thank you for great things."

Huong Melale gave a letter to the Bui singer.

But this is not a fan of cheats. It is noteworthy that the photo was posted, fans clearly show that Melon Melaleua's "My Boyfriend" Anh Tuan is very sweet. Specifically, he wrote the "Rain Girl" voice:

"Send, send spring
Mr. Tuan, suddenly I want to write a couple of lines to send me, I suddenly remembered that I had never written a letter. And maybe more people like you, the anger and rumor of the era of industry, without forgetting sweet delight.
Both of you and me have been on the path of the young, not very short, nor long, but they were important to each other. We both youngsters were very young to love with all, not trying anymore. And when again Tuan nhỉ?
Sometimes, I want to re-register those beautiful days I want to look back … and I know, though I go back thousands of times, I still chose what I did, I love silly, and years.
It's a 16-year-old love, so naive, wild, cheerful, very sad … The first trick is not inevitable and it's hard to remember. I can not do anything to my tears … And then, I have to be apart, since you do not have any of you, since you can not look at each other …

He wrote the same Huong Tram and sent him Bui Anh Tuan.

Immediately, this message has attracted the public attention. Not only do they show the fear of falling in love, fans also want to call Huong Tram and Bui Anh Tuan together.

After all, fans are still expected to meet "spring couples".

Does Huong Melaleukak have a lover after stress?

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