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If the park is in the Vietnam U-22 group … -h 24-hour soccer

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 00:15 (GMT + 7)

Nguyen Quoc Tuan coach and his teachers have only met criticism of the U-22 South East Asia tournament.

Vietnam's U-22 team (VN) won the bronze medal for the U-22 Championship in Southeast Asia on February 26 after winning a 1-0 home team in Cambridge. Xuan Tu scored the only goal in the 86th minute In a long season, Viet Nam's soccer had a tough match against the opponent, as well as a 2-1 defeat against the Philippines.

But Nguyen Quoc Tuan and his hard-taled bosses were defeated to 0-1 against the Indonesian semi-finals.

In our opinion, it is common for the U-22 team to be successful in South Eastern South Asia, since the beginning, the goal of the VFF 22-year U-22 player is just the goal. SEA Games for another two years or a few U-23 players.

Before finalizing the ball, VFF was not able to allocate specific targets for coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan, and, as usual, tried to play well in every game. Of course, Mr. Tuan does not mean another way to say VFF and get students to reach the highest goal of reaching this field, they will achieve the ultimate goal.

Mr. Park has U-22 team in Vietnam ... - 1

Vietnam U-22 game – The U-22 of Cambodia was boring but Le Xuan Tu's goal was to help the bronze medal in Vietnam at the end of the goal. Photo: TTVH

In fact, Nguyen Quoc Tuan Coach was very hard to play U-21 and U-19 in U-22 South East Asia. Mr. Tuan clearly saw the difficulties, "upgraded" to the coach, and after two other coaches he dismissed his role-teachers. In addition, Nguyen Quoc Tuan Coach acknowledged that he was almost blind to his competitors.

Of course, Mr. If Park had a position of uncomfortable state of the young army, it would be difficult to adapt the holy choir itself.

Also, Nguyen Quoc Tuan has had a 20-day break (Lunar New Year holiday) to send Southeast Asian troops.

U-22 Vietnam's hardship is silent at least as senior, and Nguyen Quoc Tuan Coach is just like a teacher or coaches have denied U-22 team. Therefore, there is a hypothesis Mr. If Park is invited to make this U-22, he certainly does not accept such situations and urgent prizes.

Many U-22 players do not have the V-League or even primary games, but they only come with U in Vietnam. In this way, they must also be encouraged to go through the championships, through tests and more. investment of the game and the teacher.

Coach Lee Young-Jin hired the troops

After U-22 South East Asia championships, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan will be re-founded by Lee Young-jin, VFF was awarded the U-22 group in the 30th South American edition of the Philippines this year. Mr. Lee Young-jin, Assistant Park Hang-seo, collaborated to bring more troops to Cambodia, with Quang Haiei, Van Hau, Dinh Trong, Duc Chinhekin, Tien Linhekin and Tan Tai. Stronger straight However, U-22 South East Asia players did not emphasize that coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan recommended four players.

U22 Vietnam went to Cambodia in the third Southeast Asia, what did Coach Quoc Tuan say?

Nguyen Quoc Tuan was a third-party and shared tournament.

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