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In Vietnam, the invincible Football Squad "West" football


Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 01:10 AM (GMT + 7)

FOX Sports Asia, one of the three best goalkeeper AFF Cup teams in 2018, including the goalkeeper of Vietnam Dang Van Lam.

"West" sublimation performance and Vietnam television AFF Cup in 2018 (Next Media copyright, VTC broadcast)

The quarterfinals of the AFF round of 2018 were divided into four groups: Vietnam and Malaysia, A group, Thailand, and Philippines, Group B. FOX Sports Asia, a very close tournament, also voted. The team around the board, the best legs, the best goals, such as the team, even the team's blood fans.

Asian News: Vietnam is very good, Lam & West # 34; can not be supported - 1

Three goalkeepers were awarded in a group stage

Recently published by FOX Sports Asia's Akshat Mehrish pen The best teammate. Hassan Sunny (Singapore) was mentioned before, and was also the star of the group. Despite being removed from the national team of Lion Island, Hassan Sunny has been surprised by the goalkeeper.

Played 360 minutes (4 rounds), Hassan Sunny won 9 wins (64.3%). Singapore has lost 5 goals for system failure, but the 34-year-old goalkeeper is very good at playing, and the defeated situation is not a preventive one. Hassan was not brilliant, Singapore did not pass Indonesia almost, losing 1-0 to the Philippines.

Myanmar goalkeeper is also Kyaw Zin Htet. In four appearances, he gave 22 support to 17 grants, 77.3%, 77.3% of the strikes. Vietnam 0-0, goalkeeper with great strides, brilliant. But it was not enough to finish through the Myanmar team.

He was the goalkeeper of Vietnam Dang Van Lam. Lam's "Mendebaldea" is very unique in the group network, but not in power. FOX Sports Asia writes: "Dang Van Lam was very beneficial in his style of homework". True to the opponent A in the group to ensure that Vietnam is always on the field or at the very top goal of Van Lam.

Asian News: Vietnam is very good, Lam & West # 34; unusual - 2

Van Lam did not have much choice

Especially against Laos and Cambodia, Van Lam almost did not move his hands after Vietnam Tel. Before Myanmar, goalkeeper's weather is moderate. Meet the uncomfortable rival in Malaysia, where Vietnam Tel 2-0 won, Lam "West" most of the work, but according to statistics, it was 2 times the most spectacular, the ball hit the penalty shot. After 58 minutes,

However, after the article, FOX Sports Asia still said, Van Lam still made an impression, although he wrote: "Vietnam goalkeeper goalkeeper caught both literally and figuratively. I did not score a goal seven times."

Of course, the number 1 of the Vietnam goalkeeper did not win many opportunities for the team's excellence. Discover Philippines at the semi-final, before senior football national players, Lam "West" could be harder but its level is shining brightly.

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Fox Sports Asia debuted at AFF Cup in 2018.

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