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Indonesia sends a "tough message" to Vietnam's 24-hour soccer player

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 00:15 (GMT + 7)

Indonesia was very surprised in the Southeast Asian Championship when Vietnam sent a "tough message".

U-22 Thailand's U-22 victory U-22 South-East Asia U-22 final, U-22 Indonesia sent "harsh messages" to the Vietnam U-23 grader here.

Indonesia sends

Indonesian and Thailand's U-22 South East Asia final are very good

The final match is true because of experience, youth and drama. In Thailand he scored a goal in the 58th minute with a free kick by Prompusa. A minute later, Riski had the same level of Indonesia. Five minutes later, Osvaldo goalkeeper had a free kick to help Indonesia … for the first time in crossing the game and becoming a South East Asian champion.

Very very good or muscular group of very athletic groups with very good body and shape.

These are the U-22 Vietnamese competitors who have met in this tournament. Vietnam U-22 wins 0-0 in Thailand in the last match of the Group, after which U-22 semi-finals lost 0-1 in Vietnam.

It is worth noting that the Indonesian and Thai rivals will join U-22 in March again in Hanoi as U-23 qualifier in Asia.

Indonesia sends

Vietnam is the leader of the K team. The challenges on the table are not very easy, as well as the challenges

Along with the U-22 in Thailand, they are not worried about being an Asian U-23 final host. If they do not have the capability, they will participate as host of the U-23 Asia final (which will be implemented in 2020, which also sets out in the first Olympic Games in the 2020 Summer Olympics).

In Indonesia, it was clear that winning a great game of Thailand with strength, endurance and extreme environments sent U-classifier to "tough messages" to the "Group K level." 23 Asian, Vietnamese.

The U-23 Asian Classifier has 11 matches, 11 teams provide squares that they choose with the host (Thailand) in the last four positions. If Thailand exceeds the qualification level, the winning teams will "loosen" 5 teams in Thailand in the 16th place in Thailand.

He sent Indonesia

U-22 Indonesia will again save U-22 from Vietnam in Hanoi

Vietnam's U-23 Asian title (Part K) is a leader, finalized with a vague expression of U-22 South East Asia that ended in Cambodia showing "goal" for Tokyo's Tokyo Olympics. -23 Vietnam.

At this table, Vietnam will face two very strong forces: Indonesia and Thailand.

Indonesia was crowned U-22 South East Asia when it was convincing when team B fell very heavy and uncomfortable, where Cambodian (Indonesia won 2-0), Malaysia, Myanmar. In the semifinal, Vietnam's champion was defeated, and finally became the first Thai champion to become the throne.

Meanwhile, U-22 Vietnam in the Southeast Asian Championship is very persuasive. The group stage was only won by the Philippines and East Timor, the "obstacle" to Indonesia … it will be lost immediately.

U-22 Vietnam still noticed the strongest forces, not Indonesia, nor Thailand to collect the strongest components.

U22 Vietnam went to Cambodia in the third Southeast Asia, what did Coach Quoc Tuan say?

Nguyen Quoc Tuan was a third-party and shared tournament.

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