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Korea Provides a five-year visa in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang Citizens

From December 3, 1818 Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city residents or residents of the city have been granted a five-year scholarship and have joined Korea several times.

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Jeong Woo Jin, HCMC South Korean Consulate Director, Tuoi Tre, New Political Visitation Guide to Vietnamese Citizens. Photo: Ngoc Phuong.

On February 26, Jeong Woo Jin, South Korea's South Korean General Representative, visited the Tuoi Tre newspaper and published long-term visa policy in Vietnam. announced it.

According to Jinen, Korea's new visa policy will enter into force on December 3, 1818, and Vietnam's citizens will be very beneficial. In particular, the citizens of Vietnam that are born "native" (native or domestic record) in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city, will demand a Korea visa. 5 years, multiple tickets, every 30 days.

After a certain period, Vietnam could extend the long-term visas to all citizens of Vietnam's provinces.

Additionally, with the ASEAN countries, including Viet Nam, the Korean Foreign Ministry extends the policy of extending visa requests within a period of 30 days, ten years, such as lawyer, doctor, lawyer, four-year degree, vocational training professional, Korea degree or master's degree, PhD in foreign countries.

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The ruling, according to Jin, is a Vietnam Embassy and a consulate in Korea. Photo: Ngoc Phuong.


In order to do this, Jin said, the Vietnam Embassy and the Korean Consulate effort to facilitate Vietnam's ability to travel easier and facilitate distribution. Hiring people and people between both countries in the Korean labor market is a difficult and illegal residence for some of the still-recognized British workers.

From October 2018 to 2018, Korea and Vietnamese came to Vietnam continuously and steadily.

Compared to ASEAN and India, it is Vietnam's most visited. In 2014, there are more than 676,000 people in the first 10 months of 2018, more than 2,000 million visitors from Vietnam.

Visitors visiting Korea from Vietnam have steadily increased over 169,000 and more than 441,000 in 2014 in the first 10 months of the year.

Jin says the new visa policy is very beneficial to Vietnam. Vietnam will also have positive visa policies among Korean citizens. Today, Vietnam has a policy exception of 15,000 within 15 days.

According to Hong Van / Youth

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