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Messi statistics have been created for hattrick

1. Messi has made most birthdays

Messi made an annual txapela in the 2012 season. At that time, he scored at least 3 matches in La Liga (more than 2 games, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2017).

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2. He did not make a champion without a champion

Messi scored eight points in the Champions League, and eight of them played in the Barcelona Camp Nou. Barca PSV this season through 4-0 The match got its hat-trick on the continental track.

3. Every time they win in Argentina, Messi gets 3 goals

50 Messi scored 6 shots in Argentina. It is worth noting that every player born in 1987 has a total of 3 goals.

4. The first hat-trick

Messi's first hat-trick Real Madrid won the season 2006/07. Unfortunately, he did not win the only wins in the opponent's net 3 times (Barca Real 3-3).

5. Valencia – Messi's favorite victim

In Valencia, Messi leaves the group with most of the lies, which allows four times Barca striker. The last time it occurred on February 3, 2016 and the result was 0-7.

6. Positive craft effects

Messi scored with 50 points until his 25th match, his team had no opponents left. The match was scored by Messi in the best hat-trick attacked by the best Barca 2012 Deportivo won the 5-4 match.

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7. Wait for the record in El Clasico

Messi is a strange player for the match at El Clasico (last time in 2014). If there is more than one game to score 3 goals, Barca "No. 10" will be played in super-classical games.

8. When 3 goals are not enough …
In addition to setting the 50-point hat-trick, Messi also had 4 poker games (the last Eibar net of 2017). The best player has scored 5 goals against Bayer Leverkus 2012.

9. Hat-trick away

Messi scored 16 goals at home 3 minutes. Barca won the 4-2 win in Seville.

10. The god of health

In La Liga, Osasuna made 3 times for Messi to make a hat trick. The nightmares with this team are Barca players with 20 times, including 0-7 and 0-8.

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