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Mr. Thu tells the story he has obsessed after shooting "ten" movies.

This week, it will launch 8 chapters entitled "Happy Memories" by Anh Tuyet, People's Artist Minh Hoa, Vu Ha, Anh Thu and Hoang Yen Chibi.

Anh Thu tells stories about after Ma Muoi's film - Photo 1.

Chapter 8 discusses the horror stories of artists. As he touches the black heart, I told him when Anh Thu could not escape the obsession of the "Ten" movie. Anh Thu and Vietnam's first horror movie is a ghost movie. After filming the movie, he felt like Anh Thu. He said he was at the hotel, when he always watched his clothes in the closets, he knocked at the door, and he jumped a lot of strange animals in bed.

A lot of nights, he had to be awake to talk with relatives to avoid fear. People's Artist Long also stays in the Hang Co station with great memories with a motorbike. When listening to toy confidences, Anh Tuyet's artist showed how cure artists helped cold and cold ghostly and fearless ghosts. Older children are always doing younger sister Hoang Yen Chibi. Annabelle ordered, Huang Yen threatened Chibi, but suddenly hit "back stick".

Happy memories: Anh Thuy tells his obsession after shooting "ten".

Anh Thu Ma Muoi tells the stories he has captured after filming - Photo 3.

Concerning Hip Hop / Breakdance, the NSND movement was played by Tu Long in the old days, to go on stage, he had to be a Hip Hop dance group. That's why male comedies could have "planted bananas," and Hoang Yen Chibi was amazed.

Happy memories: Tu Long dancing Hip Hop

Anh Thu tells stories about the movie Muoi - Photo 5.

The highlighted movement in this episode is "lowering your face". The movement of the brand is that the online community is spreading all the time. Known for the first time "downhill", Lai Van Sam was immediately arrested by Thanh Duy, but he quickly pushed his long leggegor. With the help of Anh Thu, Oc Thanh Van and Thanh Duy, they brought all personal items, such as slippers, paper towels and cough medicine. Anh Thu's mother is also bound to her dress, while she goes to the pleasure of her colleagues. Thanh Bach, Tu Long and even Lai Van Sam journalist together … they fell into the face.

After filming Anh Thu Ma Muoi, he tells the story - Photo 6.

Also, the program will see the audience with Ba soap soap, with the treatment of singer Tuy Tuyet and Vu Ha.

Happy memories: Vu Ha tells memories with a lumpy soap

The journalist Lai Van Sam and People's Artist Minh Hoa at the same time "boycott" horror movies, People's Artist, Hong Van, was considered a medical heart. The female artist committed to eliminate the heavy psychological roles of a "horror soul" that saw a horror movie. Hong Van said: "Every night, be careful to sleep in a horror movie," and this topic is also a source of inspiration, Oc Thanh Van "ghost-wife" on stage. Lai Van Sam journalist jokingly said: "Hong Van is not afraid of ghosts but also against ghosts."

After filming Anh Thu Ma Muoi, he tells the story - Photo 8.

Episode 8 will welcome the congressman Le Binh to the cancer. Thanh Duy will perform the first performance of "Han Mac Tu" with neoclassic Anh Tuyet.

Thu lads a tale about the filming of Ma Muoi - Photo 9.

The program will be at 9:00 p.m., Friday (1/3) on the VTV3 channel.

Happy memories: Minh Hoa and Hong Van "surprised the husband"

Photo: Le Nhan

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