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Mysterious attempt – Football


Wednesday, 2008/11/28 00:04 (GMT + 7)

Hope returned to the Vietnam fans. The Vietnam team again won the final in the soccer field of the region. Fans of the Hang Seo team are waiting for the AFF Cup final.

Before the semifinals, many people are concerned that our team is strong. Will Vietnam repeats its 10th anniversary?

Perhaps the "fair" of the group should be relaxed and a bit made in the middle lap 2 (away), return (My Dinh yard). Journalists, renowned sports journalists, Long Vu, Quang Huy, Quang Tung, Anh Ngoc and professional team will have a professional assessment. They will be debating the Championship straight: at 21:00 on November 28.

2 coaches in Vietnam - Philippines

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A semi-final will always be surprising, where the teams that play only 90 minutes, but also have special moves to win the final.

The semi-finals were two coats of the World Cup. For the first time, the AFF Cup is a collision between two world coaches. Perhaps they will try to see the two strategists and to see it, four Vietnamese writers will bring this information, come up with a semi-final perspective

Long Vu will face the rest of Vietnam's team in four stages of the team's stage. BLV Quang Huy will have a vision of Vietnam and the Philippines.

BLV Quang Tung will assess the strength of four teams in the semifinal. Meanwhile, BLV Anh Ngoc will be able to see the reality of the Vietnam team and regional football and the world.

2 coaches in Vietnam - Philippines

Long Vu, Anh Ngoc and BLV Quang Huy, a journalist on Quang Tung's Vietnam group program.

Football fans will continue to be a comfortable and intimate space, easily understood by people who have been marked by football fans for almost 20 years. Direct comment program – Onme Champion at 9:00 p.m., every Wednesday.

Park Coach Hang Seo was distributed by a German German expert

Hang Seo coach consulted by Jurgen Gede before the Philippines.

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