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Neymar is sitting outside for 10 weeks – 24-hour soccer

Wednesday, 01/01/2014 10:55 (GMT + 7)

When they arrived at the PSG, Neymar striker confirmed they would sit for 10 weeks. The first 2 matches and 1/8 of the Champions League league will be lost.

According to the goal, the superconducting Brazilian wounded his right foot against Strasbourgen on the eighth lap of the French National Cup on January 23. The results of the survey show that Neymar has to be out of 10 weeks (more than 2 months).

This information is really demanding for PSG enthusiasts, both of his eyes are very important games 1/8 cup earlier Champions League With MU There are also matches for the Ligue 1 survival. However, at home PSG is less concerned, their spacing and the back team have scored 13 points.

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Neymar is vulnerable

PSG sources say they have sent the best medical experts around the world to consult Neymar's proper treatment and consultation. Experts' studies indicated that Neymar was suffering from fifth-leg bone bones. According to the treatment regime, Neymar returned at least 10 days in ten weeks.

It is known that this trauma is reactive. Neymar suffered a similar injury in February 2017/18 season. This injury has affected his performance Neymar Brazil World Cup in 2018 final.

In this season, Neymar PSG's inspiration remains for 20 goals, giving it a total of 21 fronts.

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