Thursday , July 7 2022

Neymar, "surplus", left Barca


Neymar was expected to go to the Nou Camp, but Dembele was seriously injured when he went to Barcelona and did not show much in the Catalan giants.

Coach Ousmane Dembele won his official position under coach Valverde. Up until now, the young French young talents have prepared a reservation.

Aside from the ability to play, Barcelona's unfortunate Ousmane Dembele has to be lacking in the presence of young stars.

Dembele rehearsals should be considered later. It always gives food and signs in the game regularly.

According to some sources, Barca Dembele will be sold in January 2019 and will surely return to Neymar.

Even though Dembele is away from New Camp, many of Britain's biggest clubs are gathering talent for the next generation of football talent.

In the summer of 2018, Barcelona spent 105 million euros to hire Dembele and, in January 2019, the comparable or even comparable prices they wanted to sell their talents.

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