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On the eighth circuit thanks to this rule?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 09:29 (GMT + 7)

For the best third-party teams, Vietnam Tel is a little weaker than the rivals. However, the door is always open for Park Hang Seo teachers and coaches.

Bui Tien Dung watched his video before the training session on January 14th:

Vietnam Tel is currently in the third place of the Group, but there is no better score than Yemen. In the final round, Vietnam and Yemen will meet on December 16 to determine who will win in third place. In essence, Park Hang Seo teachers and teachers have many advantages over their opponent.

Is there a very rare scenario for receiving phone calls from Vietnam: thanks to this 1/8 round law? - 1

Tel Vietnam still has many doors to continue in the Asian Cup in 2019

However, in the races of third-ranked teams, Vietnam Tvs are still weak, still 0 points and -3, the other teams have improved their performance. . After completing Group A, Bahrain took the third best team. This team has 4 points, definitely enrolled. The third group of 5 teams, in 5 teams, will compete with the remaining 3 places.

In addition to scoring and scrolls, one more detail should be to look after NHM. It is very likely that the Vietnam phone will enter the stage of the … penalty. According to tournament regulations, the fair game index has also been taken into account. In this regard, Vietnam Telek still works well.

This year's Fair Play criteria have been featured in the Asian Cup. For this reason, they have a yellow card with a point, a red card of 3 points, a yellow card and immediately receive a red card with 4 points. Compared to each other, the larger the national team, the lower the rankings. Japan's 2018 World Cup Senators classified these criteria as a result of which the Japanese route was not finished in the last minutes.

Before the match series, Vietnam Phone's Fair Play Index was pretty good. "Gold stars" only received 4 yellow cards in 2 matches, with Iran and Iraq, which is 4 points. Competitors have the ability to compete with Vietnam Phone; Group B are Syria (5 points) or Palestine (7 points); and Libano E group 5 points. Only in Kyrgyzstan (Group 2 team C) and Oman (group F, 3 points) are ranked better than in Vietnam.

Thus, ending the group stage with the same score and ending the third-ranked team in the other table, Vietnam Tel probably reaches a 1/8 round line under the new Fair-play law. . And this is really the 2019 Asian Cup this year.

Group rankings 3 is in position

Is there a very rare scenario for receiving phone calls from Vietnam: thanks to this 1/8 round law? - 2

Asian Cup on January 15: pair

The Australian champion has returned and has decided to defeat Syria.

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