Friday , July 1 2022

One of the attacking aviation injuries received an error


Thousands of people attacking Tho Xuan airport (Thanh Hoa) have been investigated according to police investigation, in the afternoon 26/11 is exchanged with the voice of the Vietnam radio from 1 to 3. This object has been reportedly mistaken for this unfortunate event.

On the evening of November 26, Tham Xuan police police investigation applied preventative measures, leaving 3 objects away from Pham Huu; Le Van Nhi and Le Trung Dung.

1 3 people are not pictured 1
Photographs by Tho Xuan, three workers at the airport, Thanh Hoa. (Clip from clip)

The VOV reporter, in the town of Le Van Nhi Xuan Quang, in the district of Tho Xuan, in the province of Thanh Hoa, was one of three people who participated in the fight against airplanes in Tho Xuan airport. . Le Van Nhi expressed regret at the unexpected incident.

"I think it was a great mistake and I apologized, all the ads on the camera I do not have to go to the airport," said Le Van Nhik.


Earlier, the Voice of Vietnam reported that the court prosecuted by the court prosecuted by the police court in the Tho Xuan district was accused of "interrupting public attitudes" against three objects. The Vietnam Aviation Authority has officially published a one-year storm decision and has carried out a visual inspection for the next 12 months.

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