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People who like to have a toner have a crisis, beggars become a phenomenon

According to general psychology, fans are curious about all the idols, every day, including fashion, food and drinks. Therefore, when they share the elements used by idols and famous artists, it is one of the smallest things, but people make purchases to use "gods" with their gods. Object

Here are some of the most prestigious and effective coffees marketed "out of stock" (every time they mention something sold in one single market on a single note). The popularity of Ginseng stars, especially, and generally, is also seen worldwide.

Jungkook (BTS)

Saints have saved them from Kbiz: People like fabric softeners also cause a crisis, the eyes of the scaly phenomena - Photo 1.

One of the emerging "saints sold" by Kbiz is Jungkoo's younger brother (BTS). On January 20, idol boys rebelled against ARMY around the world, talking to some of the fans who liked it … Fancafe fabric smoothly. Shortly afterwards, the soft cloth was recovered. Even though high quality fabric companies also face the crisis because it has too many orders. In addition, Jungko himself had to complain about Twitter, because it was virtually impossible because of the fabric softener because he bought the ARMY from the market.


The Saints are sold to Kbiz: People like fabric softeners also cause the crisis, they are only phenomenon beggars - Photo 2.

As a Korean goddess of beauty, Suzy has done many times that people are "curious" to stop, because she uses attractive products of special beauty. In a magazine shoot, Suzy made an unlucky grid using a brilliant red lips. After that, people tried to find out about this type of lipstick, even if they asked for foreign countries for cosmetics that were not sold in Korea. Not only that, this type of lipstick was known as "Suzy Son" for choreographic beauty shows.

Kang Daniel

Saints were excluded from Kbiz: those who like soft cloths also cause the crisis, beggars become phenomena - Photo 3.

While not yet a competitor of "Lehengusu 101", Kang Daniel was paying close attention to his red lips. "National Center" is not known for make-up; Therefore, the lips asked for an excessive excessive application of the lips, attracting red lips, but especially eyes for lovers. In this sense, Kang Daniel became known in the Korean social network, the number of winners of the "Produce 101" competition was increased.

At this time, they will compete for lip lips that use this beautiful practitioner. That's why this lipstick is a clean sauce, becoming a hot product of ginseng. Kang Daniel continues to demonstrate his "trading" class and has become the most popular character of Kang Daniel, the elements that he represents as a pajamas, stuffed animals, goggles, large-scale clothing. As a result, the "national center" has always been around the year's reputation.

Xiumin (EXO)

Saints are sold to Kbiz: people like fabric softeners also cause a crisis, beggars become phenomenal - Photo 4.

Xiumin is also one of the most famous trade deals of saints. The legendary "Mocha Crunch" story, which was around the time of the Korean social network. Specifically, in the "XOXO EXO Hot" program, Xiumin cut the bread of a beautifully gorgeous bread. Immediately, this cake rose to the top of Naver's search and was sold out one day. Xiumin makes remarkable achievements, both respected by members of EXO. In addition, in "Dangerous Beyond the Blankets", Xiumin once again commemorates a commercial battle in Korea … using skin care products.


Saints outsiders outsiders: people like fabric softeners also cause a crisis, beggars become phenomenal - Photo 5.

No matter how hot or hot, Hwasa singer (MAMAMOO) suddenly becomes a phenomenon and the comet is created … eating a very bad lunch in MBC "I Live Alone" program. After practicing the broadcast of Hwasa, many people set up popular restaurants throughout the Brotherhood, this dish was very popular. Hwasa's "goddess" suddenly became a class star A star B when it appeared at events in the press.

Baekhyun (EXO)

Saints are sold out in Kbiz: Persons who like to make up textile are also a crisis, they have become phenomenal beggars - Photo 6.

As a member of the second well-known Korean boy band, Baekhyun also appears as "sold" as a saint, due to its popularity. In January, Baekhyun showed a simple picture of a muffin made with the "My Breakfast" line. Shortly afterwards, a bakery released a hundred-year-old screen for this series of cake, sold out with EXO men's celebrities.

In the following days, many bakeries had a great influence on Baukhun.

Yugyeom (GOT7)

Saints except Kbiz: People like soft cloths also cause the crisis, only beggars become phenomenal - Photo 7.

In November 2015, GOT7 went to the Incheon International Airport in the MAMA program. At the airport, Yugyeom took a picture and took a picture of his social network striking. Immediately, this cloth was named "Yugyeom dressed" and sold "clean" on the market. The fans of the same color were bought with towels in the same color.

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