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Police chief Thanh Hoa won a "uncle" of $ 260 million

On the evening of November 28, Nguyen Chi Phuong Colonel, head of the Municipal Police Department Thanh Hoa, confirmed the province of Thanh Hoa in the Fcebook network, and is a real conversation. "False times must be decided by the competent authorities," Phuong said.

Earlier, more than 23 minutes of recording in the social network appeared: "Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, when the City Police Thanh Hoa received $ 260 million, had a complaint status.

This recording records several interviews at different times, both between male and female voices. One of them was named Nguyen Chi Phuong Colonel, The Great Police Thanh Hoa , and the other has worked in the public safety sector, with Phuong Colonel.

In the recording of the man, the man said that he was being held by the Thanh Hoa police, he said he was robbing the bike for the colonel. The matter "run" and "The total amount mentioned is 260 million dong, many …

"Now, military, shameless and judged, you know what to do. Family is very difficult, his wife is born, father from his mother, with his brother's help"; "My uncle has a house, my place will be judged, and that is the hardest part, and my desire is to make money back." "Not many children?", "He had previously given him 260 million to tell his uncle …"

Some of the top-up interviews are published on Facebook.

Based on the phonograph recorded on Facebook's social network, Colonel Nguyen Chi Phuong, the Chief of Police of Thanh Hoa City, said the press was the voice of the engraving and this conversation is genuine. According to Phuong, this interview takes place from 19-20-20-20.

"He worked at the Police Department, robbed of the agency's motorcycle removal of the title of public security." This gift was genuine, but he did not do it. If you do not have the money to get the title of the police, when you strictly treat it, no one is allowed to accept this mercy. This deliberately smeared him, "said Colonel Phuong.

According to Phuong Phuong, information on Facebook was reported to the authorities of the province of Thanh Hoa to verify the instructions.

The reporter contacted Colonel Khuong Duy Oanh, Deputy Director of the Thanh Hoa Police Department, but the leader said that information was not available.

Previously, in July – in 2018, Do Duc Hieu (SN 1989, born in the Trieu Son district, province of Thanh Hoa) was the Thanh Hoa Police Chief Police Officer Thanh Hoa. People were deported from the industry due to the behavior of "property robbery" to the police. He was subsequently prosecuted and Thanh Hoa's People's Court ruled on November 22, 2018 to punish a nine-month custodial sentence for "property robbery".

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