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Prosecution, home office supervisor, vice president of the Nha Trang Commission


Confirm the newspaper reporter day laborersPolice chief Khanh Hoa said that Le Huy Toan would be charged with "gross negligence." The Khanh Hoa Province police inspected Mr. Toan's headquarters and work station on the morning of November 28.

Immediately Mr. Toan arrived. Mr Toan was prosecuted for the case in the Hoang Long district.

The prosecution, home-office supervisor of the Nha Trang Committee, photo 1.
Prosecution, home office supervisor of the Nha Trang Committee, photo 2.

Police Khanh Hoa collected Mr. Toan's house

Nowadays, Khanh Hoa Province continues to investigate the incident. According to the source of the work newspaper, Mr. Toan, two other civil servants in Nha Trang.

Prosecutors, home improvement supervisor of the People's Committee of Nha Trang - Figure 3.

Mr. Le Huy Toan, Vice-president of the Nha Trang Committee

Prior to this, the Khanh Hoa provincial people's mandate was also approved by Vu Thi Mai Huong, the former members of the Board of Trustees of Vietnam, Nha Trang, Phuoc Long Ward, Nha Trang City, and Nguyen Duc, former presidents of Cuong-Phuoc Long District Cadastral Officers – the 2015 Penal Code According to article 230, it is "investigating the violation of compensation for compensation, aid and recovery" in the State for the recovery of land.

On October 2, 2017, the CSO Police Department of the province of Khanh Hoa decided to prosecute the "Organization of document forgery". Then the prosecutors judged Nguyen Khanh Hung. For the search of this place, the police have collected a lot of documents, fake documents "run" the project territory, help objects from the Compensation Board, help Nha Trang city support and recovery in the Hoang Long urban development project (invested with UPGC Construction and Geological Investment, SA) du.

Then, on June 21-12, CSDT decided to prosecute the "Workforce", two arrested objects: Do The Vinh (Phuoc Long, Nha Trang) and Nguyen Ngoc Khanh (Vinh Hoa Ward, Nha Trang) UPGC Construction and Geological Investment Limited Company

After judging the court, the Nha Trang City Commission received 49 documents in order to decide on the recapture of false records users.

In this case, the chairman and leader of Phuoc Long Ward's mission is to sign and verify false documents so that they can be compensated, compensated and recovered.

News, photos: Ky Nam

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