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"Ralph breaks into the Internet"


(Because the article may reveal the content of the film, read it before)

The second movie of the film Wreck-it Ralph He inspired the curiosity of many spectators from the first trailer. In this section, Ralph and Vanellope will work together on a new mission: saving Sugar Crush game is likely to disappear from Litwak Game Center. To do this, your friends will go to the Internet. Here, many famous online gaming series, successful movies, popular social networks, and the main usual trend … will be constantly displayed by the audience, not by surprise and excitement.

After finding 10 eggs hidden Ralph breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2: In the first place, we will finally find a link to the Internet world.

11. Does anyone know Merida? It came from Pixar

Although Disney is the same, it comes in the studio of Merida Pixar and the other princesses are the children of Walt Disney Studio. Merida is the first Princess of Pixar, who is recognized by the official Disney princess, but perhaps the other princesses have to acknowledge Vanellope. "Nobody knows what he is doing." why?

This clearly shows his relationship with Disney's excellence and the "dream factory" of Pixar Studio.

12. Eeroye, Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, … to quickly capture faces

Ralph Internet Easter Eggs Breaks - Photo 3
Ralph Internet Easter Eggs Breaks - Photo 4
Ralph Internet Easter Eggs Breaks (Final) - Figure 5.
Ralph breaks the Internet Easter Eggs (end) - Figure 6.

Buzz Lightyear is behind and Baymax and Mickey Mouse are not difficult to recognize in this scene.

13. What does the wind make, Ralph do it!

Evaluate money, Ralphek turned into a BuzzzTube star. Online video streams that follow the audience have been paying close attention.

Ralph breaks the Internet Easter Eggs (Part 7) - Figure 7.

What is Fortnite playing in this game?

Ralph breaks the Easter Egg (end) - Figure 8.

Beepuns – never obsolete

Ralph Internet Easter Breaks (Final) - Figure 9.

Goat video again

14. Is the girl in the credit card Moana?

The character is Auli & # 39; and Cravalho, the voice of Moana in the same name. In addition, this girl is called Mo and she is seen as a young man like Moana. What is Disney's intention here?

Ralph Internet breaks Easter Eggs (Final) - Figure 10.

15. Lovely Pancake Milkshake game also appears in a very "bloody" way

Ralph was the mother of a baby who was breaking the first baby crashing on the Internet, a daughter who played a car that drove his daughter behind. Mum asked her when she liked the movie, she said yes, but she did not appear in the movie. Rabbit and cat were eating food: rabbits ate pancakes and cats were drinking milk. But when Ralph and Vanellope came together, the players and "stuffed" took too many pancakes, until the rabbits raised their level … until they burst. The movie is in the scream of a child. Ralph Breaks is one of the sections that started on the Internet.

Ralph breaks the Internet Easter Eggs (Part 11) - Figure 11.

Scene film "Rabbit baby eating cake" in "Ralph 2"

16. Next Disney Princess: the fan soi princess's dress letter has their meaning!

Ralph Internet Easter Breaches (End) - Image 13.

Aurora's jacket is Nap Queen. The word Elsa Just Let It Go is like the title of her famous song. Meanwhile All Cinderella, Anna, and Ariel dressed up songs of renowned songs. On the side Mulan wears a Mushu brochure.

And a lot more or try again!

17. Our search bar is "personalized".

Mr. Knowles is a person who likes the personification of the search bar and likes to listen to others.

Ralph Internet breaks Easter Egg (end) - Picture 14.
Ralph Internet Easter Breaks Breakthrough (End) - Image 15.

18. Sister Gal Gadot is not the only DC representative in a Disney movie

In addition to Shank's Gal Gadot-Wonder Woman, it was one of the 1960s movie stars.

Ralph Internet Easter Eggs Breaks (Final) - Image 16.

Ralph breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2: is being released nationwide.

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