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Real Madrid match football

Thursday, February 28, 201 00:01 (GMT + 7)

(Real Madrid soccer – Barcelona, ​​03:00, 28/2, semi-finals of the Royal Cup) Bernabeu Stadium will be raised again in the Super classic.

Live football Real Madrid - Barcelona: Who is staying Messi - 1 0 – 0ra Live Real Madrid football - Barcelona: who intercepts Messi - 2
Real Madrid Barcelona

Barça welcomes "Little Xavi" back

Arturo Midfielder was named "Little Xavi" and was very prominent in the previous phase, and was miraculously recovered. Player coach Ernesto Valverde joined the team in the morning tomorrow morning. However, players Murillo and Boateng will not participate in this important game.

Live Real Madrid football - Barcelona: who intercepts Messi - 5

Real Madrid live in football - Barcelona: Who is staying in Messi - 6?

Real Madrid match of football: Barcelona: Messi has 7 points

Live Real Madrid football - Barcelona: who intercepts Messi - 8

Peak Real criticism

Responding to the Santiago Solari coaching team, he had more than a day's game against Real Sociedad to prepare for the second semi-finals of the King's Cup, Barca's defender Gerard Piquez made a brief statement: "The last period was more than 5-1 We took it. "Pique's match took place in October 2018, while Real coach Julen Lopetegui continued.

Simeone wins the planned one

Although coach Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid had been invited by Barcelona, ​​Barcelona's strength was still Real Madrid. Argentinean leaders expressed their pride that Lionel Messi is the difference between Barca and Real. Previously, Real has a counterattack, but the balance is not balanced, Ronaldo joined Juventus.

Vinicius is not afraid of Messi

Before the Spanish semi-final against Barca Bernabeu, the young talented player Vinicius Junior stated that the presence of Lionel Messi did not shake Real. New Camp's first leg ended 1-1. This season, Vinicius helps real fans with the fascinant performance of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid soccer match - Barcelona: Messi intercepts - 9

Vinicius has a great confidence

Live Real Madrid football - Barcelona: who intercepts Messi - 10

Live football Real Madrid - Barcelona: Who is staying Messi - 11

Live football Real Madrid - Barcelona: Who is staying Messi - 12

The current shortage

The creative player who plays an important role in Isco will not attend the Supercapture that will take place between Real Madrid and Barcelona at 3:00 p.m. Coach Santiago Solari has personally confirmed the press conference ahead of the match. Real will have a shortage of unhappiness, because the team is already injured due to excessive deficiencies, injury, penalties.

Real got an offer of 120 million euros for Asensio

According to Don Balon, Bayern Munich wants to buy Real Madrid Marco Asensio, the German team is facing a total of 120 million euros.

Messi is not so happy in the Royal Cup

Messi has made Real Madrid 37 times throughout his career. El Pulga has scored 26 goals and is the best striker in history for more than a decade of hostility to classic Super. But in King of Cup, surprisingly, Messi was not against Real Madrid.

Who is the difference between Real and Barcelona?

Former player Luis Milla, at the moment Barca and Real played, believes that Messi has a great success in the results of El Clasico. The 52-year-old rivals said: "I do not think there's a better team, even when they go to the tunnel and have done better than their opponents. The only difference between the two teams comes from Lionel Messi.

Videos played by Messi Real:


Real Madrid: Llorente is missing out on injury. He left Isco pitch.

Barcelona: Rafinha, Cillessen, Arthur and Vermael are missing.


Real Madrid triumphs for the last 38 matches in the King's Cup.

Real Madrid won 3, in the last 3 years, 7 lost 7 times against Barcelona.

Real Madrid won 1, 2 draws, 2 missed in Barcelona in 5 final matches.

Messi Real's nightmare - be aware

Messi is a past name for true lovers in the past.

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