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Real Madrid: Nice or not at the decisive moments


Real Madrid: Nice or not at the decisive moments
Football is the moment of action. The team does not win or win and the team is not bad at all. Although the Real Sociedad has had a crisis in the La Liga season, but it's not a good football, it's a bit smoother, each sentence is bad. But it was true last night, in a broken line, AS Roma was playing an exciting game.

The Royal team formed a Roman match during the two sensations before taking a break. In the first half, Rome could not pass the lead Underek lost the great opportunities. To make it hard to say, he only shot 3 seconds, only appeared for a dozen seconds, and Fatius was able to walk with Gareth Bale.

Real Sociedad relaxed in the second half and Lucas Vázquez won 2-0 in the minute 59, with a simple finish, after obtaining the best team match. white 90 minutes. But if you want to emphasize again, Real has won, but Real does not play well. On the contrary, Roma is worse, Real is worse. Sleeping pills can be boring.

Not only this, in the last 15 minutes Real players sleep dreaming, often making mistakes at home player pressure. In the face of disaster catastrophes, improvement is not an improvement today. Coutouis surprisingly clean for 90 minutes.

Do not throw away the name outside of the Championship List

Do not throw away the name outside of the Championship List

Unlike operations, how the Champions League is always a place to get peace, the King's inspiration is endless. The test will win the Roma last night, Real wins the Champions League qualifying round for the 27th consecutive year … record.

And do not forget that, in the last three seasons in the Real world, it is a champion, another record. It should be noted that, in all three seasons, Real's style has not been stable. Zidane is the time when teachers have collapsed. But eventually, as the circuits stepped on the wires, they finally reached the finish line.

Therefore, the real crisis, in general, how to replace it, does not call the name from the list of candidates. For a simple reason, the crises were, in general, the descendants of each other, but still crowned, because the observers could not explain. If there is an explanation, it may be possible to present the aforementioned plan at the beginning of the article: it is the behavior of the football season.

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