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Real typhoon spent 100 million pounds, did Rashford get Ronaldo? – 24h football

Thursday, 01.31.131 10:03 (GMT + 7)

Real Madrid is trying to collect a star attacking at the top. And according to Spanish sources, the champion's champion's defender must rescind Marcus Rashford.

Rashford Bright Surfer on Brighton Video:

It's unbelievable that Real Madrid's striker was a former player, who was playing badly. La Liga, Real has not only 10 goals behind the 10 Barcelona rivals, but the difference has reached 29 goals less than rivals.

Real Madrid has directed Rashford

Publicity weakness is the real problem of Real. Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, today's Champion Champion has not had a high striker to make the most of the opportunities that have emerged. When Messi scored 19 goals, Suarez added 15 goals to the Barça League, Real goalkeeper goalkeeper Benzema, with just 9 goals.

For this reason, the obligation to strengthen staff before the attack is mandatory. The president of Florentino Perez and the Real Madrid transfer agent are doing everything they do against the famous footballer Bernabeu, without forgetting the memory of Real Madrid.

According to Branden, Real Madrid has two main goals: until January 31. Madrid No. 1 goal by Marcus Rashford. According to the Royal Real newspaper, President Perez is worth 100 million pounds for Old Trafford, starting with MU.

Marcus Rashford's final phase, since Jose Mourinho was shot, is convenient. With 8 goals and 6 supporters, the striker has an incredible performance that is only 21 years old. Rashford's potential development is remarkable, it can turn on superstar. Rashford's foot-handling skills, including free kicks, reminded Ronaldo of his youth in MU.

It is also the goal of the Real Club

The reality of the world is that the amount of £ 100 million can be convinced by BLD MU for selling Rashford. President Perez demands a quick and rapid negotiation process. The summer 2014 "fax machine" is enough when people from Madrid work with Manchester. If a party does not "fix" quickly, Real will go to the potential target called Mauro Icardi.

Also facing the Icardi, it has completely exceeded 100 million pesetas, because Real intends to pay Rashford MU. And in terms of capacity for success, this deal is greater. Because Inter Milan has no ambitions like MU, the team is still in the Champions League and there is a lot of economic potential. Only one thing, President Perez "finished" Rashford against Icardi, so Real Madrid is the only reserve.

Last day transfer: MU bought Coutinho £ 150 million, welcome Real Icardi?

Confirmed by the daily email feeds, MU wants to buy £ 150,000 for Coutinho.

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