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Returning from Tet, I still have to do "homework" – 24 hour football

Thursday, January 31, 2019 19:05 (GMT + 7)

In the attempt to reach the goal of the U22 Championship in Southeast Asia, the Vietnam U22 team does not leave themselves in their training sessions and Lunar New Year holidays.

Vietnam video game of the U22 band January 30 (Source clip: Sports):

They are preparing other sports athletes to prepare the team for the team U22 Vietnam The young football coaches of the Vietnam Football Federation are still working in Hanoi. Nguyen Quoc Tuan coach has had friendly matches with the Ulsan Huyndai club and the Korean student group, as well as prepares for U22 East or artificial grass. South Asia.

U22 Viet Nam hunting South-East Asia gold: Eat still eat Tet & homework & # 34; - 1

U22 Vietnam (red T-shirt) is still practicing with Tet Holiday (photo: VFF)

This tournament kicks off artificial grass from Fnom Penh (Cambodia) from February 17 to 26, where we share Group A U22 Philippines, U22 Eastern Timor and No. 1 of the region. U22 Thailand. This afternoon, January 31 (Lunar Year 26th day), U22 Vietnam He still acknowledged in the AFF Cup national men that he has made between Southeast Asian finalists and serious championship spirits.

Vietnamese U22 phones Only on Sundays, on Sunday, February 3 (Lunar December 29) will be held in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday, February 8 (Lunar New Year).

A happy new year, but it has not been overlooked, coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan has prepared "homework" for the students to maintain their suitability and performance.

Coach Nguyen Quoc Tuan has said that the 5-day deadline is associated with the usual activities for Tet's Troubleshooting Problems in the Training Board, especially for physical strength and performance. Vietnam U22 players:

"Although players have a better sense of professionalism, the sense of career is much better, but it must be done in the training committee. We have built each player's exercises to maintain and maintain their performance." – Shared by Mr. Tuan.

After Ky Hoi Tet Holiday, U22 Vietnam will train again 1 week ago in Ho Chi Minh City, where the climate is quite similar to Phnom Penh to complete the final preparatory steps before Nguyen's teachers and teachers Quoc Tuan went to Cambodia on February 15 his epic trip to South- East Asian Championship to start U22.

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