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Ronaldo lost, Messi terrible 29 goals / 28 games – Football 24 hours

Thursday, 11/29/2008 05:47 (GMT + 7)

Messi has left Ronaldo ahead of the Champions League final, because he continues for the third time.

Barcelona won the PSV 2-1 in the fifth round Champions League. Valverde coach lucky and Messi called the "guardian angel." The superconducting Argentinean shows the splendor of 61 minute timing.

Champions League Super Cup: Ronaldo lost, Messi scored 29 goals / 28 games - 1

Messi has scored 29 goals in its last 28 matches in the Champions League

With that goal, Messi continues for 13 consecutive seasons, with at least 15 goals in Barcelona (anywhere). In addition, he will be the sixth position of the Messi Tournament this year. At present, the superconducting Argentinian is one of the "goal" of Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

While Messi is continuously "shooting" in the wins of European victory, Ronaldo has been "silent". The Portuguese star has scored a C1 round in this season and has been "furious" despite being the closest tectonic.

Does Ronaldo "bird" move instead of the master? The answer is not. CR7 is still ranked second time in the final of the tournament final (20 times). Against Valencia, the Portuguese supermarket has set nine shots, but it has not been successful.

Champions League Final: Ronaldo lost, Messi has 29 goals / 28 games - 2

Ronaldo continues to fail because he failed to enter Valencia

Meanwhile, Messi has a good score. The Argentinian goalkeeper scored 18 goals with six goals and won the M10 grid three times. This is the second best league in the league so far.

Messi has won three league appearances for the season. The Argentinian star has gotten a good match against PSV on the day of the match and he is double in the away team in Tottenham and the PSV network returns a super product in one leg.

Messi continues to maintain a steady score Champions League 2018/19, the Argentine superconducting team is capable of "champion's league champion", after the first change of property for six years.

PSV - Barcelona: Senior Guardian Messi

Fortunately, they were Barca and they were made thanks to the goddess Messi.

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