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Russia bought the car, after a free trip to the Cao Toan case after entertainment


Truong Ho Phuong Nga recently surprised people after leaving the meeting to share their satisfaction with homeowners as a result of the participation of senior fisherman from the US. workers.

Thus Nguyen Duc Thuy Dung, his friends and his friends, had the chance to travel from South to Ipar. "We are not leaving Saigon unless the police accept it. I often go to Truong Chinh Street cafe to see the Tan Son Nhat Airport track to continue sitting on the plane.

Buy a Nga car, travel book, in the case of American Cao Toan, photo - 1Sharing the latest Phuong Nga space.

Then, like others, we can wait until we can fly to the day. Phu Tho's trip is short, though it's about treating his sinusitis, but it's very important to us.", Miss Vietnam Vietnam 2007 shared facebook.

At the same time, Phuong Nga also thanked all of them and Thuy Dungo for his support and promotion. "By"Thanks to these words, this day has given us strength. The sky is in front".

He bought a Nga car, the travel book, after the American case of Cao Toan - Figure 2Many friends and fans sent a word of encouragement under Phuong Nga's last article on the site.

Additionally, information on Phuong Nga has led to the spread of "non-cool down" information for the purchase of beautiful car in the social network. Suspect plays a beautiful picture of a famous auto dealer in the entertainment industry stars, publishing Russian film Miss Russia 2007 films. : "Discover the sun after a few days, it's always beautiful and beautiful".

Nga car buy, free travel, in the case of American Cao Toan, photo 3The image shows rumors of buying a Russian car.

I still do not know what bad rumors of the star, but Truong Ho Phuong Nga can "change" after surprising the prisoners who live until damaging changes from 180 degrees.

Earlier, on the afternoon of June 29, 1974, Phuong Nga and his best friend Nguyen Duc Thuy Dung were sentenced to prison for two years, the 16.5 million active giants believed to deceive and apprehend Cao Toan My.

Buy a Nga car, free travel, in the case of American Cao Toan, photo 4Picture of Phuong Nga in court.

In his personal page, Zhang's beautiful and wide-ranging man, ordinary people shared their country with the outside world. Obviously, the appearance of Miss Russia has been significantly improved almost a year away from prison.

By means of images published by a beautiful person, Phuong Nga has regained its beautiful appearance in any given day. In addition to gentle white skin, Mrs. Zhang also showed the joy of new colors.

Nga car buy, travel book, in the case of American Cao Toan, photo 5In photos published, Phuong Nga always smiled.

And, above all, in all episodes of life, his best friend in Russia's Miss Vietnam in 2007 is under Nguyen Duc Thuy Dung. He was arrested in Russia when he caught the round of fraud.

Nga buy the car, travel book, after the American Cao Toan American - photo 6Truong Ho Phuong Nga held a new birthday party in Thuy Dung on 14 June after deciding to study the cause of "real estate" against Cao Toan.
Truong Ho Phuong Nga was born in 1987 in Miss Vietnam in Russia in 2007. He graduated from the University of Russian, then returned to the country to participate in recreational activities. Phuong Nga, the composer, model, actress and MC show in Vietnam.
Nga buy the car, after a free trip to the American Cao Toan American - Photo 7Before being arrested, Phuong Nga was the composer, model, actress and MC show in Vietnam.

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