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SAO Liverpool Neymar scare – PSG-Football


Wednesday, 2008/11/28 00:06 (GMT + 7)

The Brazilian keeper of Liverpool made no mistaking Alisson for the Neymar PSG support.

SAO Liverpool scare Neymar – PSG

"They can be Neymar, but we have strong defenders with great defenders, but it is expected to mutin 'for 90 minutes" goalkeeper of Liverpool, Brazil, who did not respect his compatriot and Neymar teammates.

Champions League Cup on November 28: SAO Liverpool Neymar threat - PSG - 1

Neymar needs to show more Champions League

PSG does not have Neymar alone

Unlike Alisson, defender Van Dijk warned that victory in Liverpool is a crucial victory in the PSG at the stage of the team: "Many PSG players have a lot of players. Let's see if there are Neymar and Mbappe. Of course, it is a quality player and we must respect it. they need them

Barca is the only champion

"I think it's a favorite team to win this year, and I think there are many other teams, such as winning. Last year, I chose the No. 1 candidate for the King, and I think Barca this year. I hope this year is wrong." He was the coach of Allegri Juventus.

Ancelotti faced Napoli

Carlo Ancelotti is sure to be in the Champions League team. In the next match, only Napolé will have to win Crvena Zvezda PSG and Liverpool will play against each other. If Napoleon has won Crvena Zvezda, he can win the next opportunity.

Dortmund condemned bus bomb

In April 1974, the Dortmund bus was bombed at the Monaco League Championship. After the attack, Sergej W. was identified. In the last trial, Sergej W was sentenced to 14 years in prison for an unexpected murder.

American fire flames cup C1:

The Copa C1 saw PSG and Liverpool staging two "superpowers".

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