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Scene jump "dragon" -24 to exit football

Thursday, February 28, 2019 16:06 (GMT + 7)

Incheon United began to use the K-League's use of foreign troops, in the belief that Kong Phuong's faith would have escaped the fall.

Phuong training match in Congo (Source: Incheon United)

Like many other Asian tournaments, K-League is an important part of hiring foreign soldiers. The Club has 3 levels for foreign international soldiers and has been sent to Cong Phuong by Hoang Anh for this season of 1 and 2019 players in the AFC Federation of African countries. Gia Lai is following a one-year deal.

Incheon United's commitment to Kong Phuong: Escape from the fall scene and # 34; - 1

After graduating from the Asian Cup, Cong Phuong Incheon

Incheon made a fall during the 2018 season and most of the season were at the bottom of the BXH, in the worst K-League defense. Coach Jorn Andersen Incheon was the leader in the middle of the 2018 season, but the revival did not come as soon as they lost 0-7 Gangwon. Andersen's coach has an attack against soccer and Incheon United has won 5 times at the end of the season in 5 wins to lower the Incheon descent, 9th overall, a 2-point lead in the right position.

Incheon was a great season of attack, Stefan Mugosa striker scored 19 goals in the first season of the club. In addition, they saw Nam Jun-wing as their wings during the mid-season, when they scored beautiful goals. Two other good players, Moon Seon-min (14 goals) and Costa Rican midfielder Elias Aguilar (10), played before the 2019 season.

Incheon United's commitment to Kong Phuong: Escape from the fall scene and # 34; - 2

The coach of Jorn Andersen is the leader of the Incheon leader

In the K-League, players from "foreign" players in North Korea are not included in the exchange rate, and if only one AFC has 1, clubs are very careful to select people. Japanese or Australian players are very important when they say that J-League or A-League players are more reliable than other countries.

In the last season Incheon United used the AFC rate for Kwabena Appiah, a Ghanaian-based player, Australia's star. Appiah was extremely disappointed and was given a five-month lead in Incheon's first goal and broke through the season, with only 25 goals.

Appiah's defeat, together with the impressive performance of the Kong Phuong Asian Cup, decides to immediately lease Incheon United using the AFC rate of a Southeast Asian player. In the history of the K-League, only players from Southeast Asia have played in this tournament, Álvaro Silva, midfielder of the Hanoi Club, a Philippine born Spaniard.

Incheon United's commitment to Kong Phuong: Escape from the fall scene and # 34; - 3

Kongo Phuong is not the main player Incheon has two fixed positions in both attacks and a Swedish player

Jorn Andersen's coach considers Kong Phuong the only bank option, but has been an important factor in diversifying the attack against Incheon United. In the last 5 seasons, Incheon ranked ninth, eighth, tenth and twelfth, respectively, considering K-League "relegated kings". Now, players like Gong believe it. Phuong to change fate.

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