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Singer MiA held a rainy day on the party, a water bag flooded


Monday, 26/11/2014 6:31 PM (GMT + 7)

During the rainy season, the boyfriend of the MiA had to enter the girlfriend's house.

More recently, singer MiA singer shocked the show "popular face", many people made friends, because the audience surprised the staff of the photo space during the fish season.

Although the details of the Festival are not spreading, many of the singer-songwriters have sent their greetings and expect a wedding card to be received the next day.

Singer A MiA celebrated in rainy days, overflowing with wives - 1

MiA suddenly shared a photo-space conversation at Vinh Long.

According to some sources, MiA's lawsuit was held on November 25 in the town of Vinh Long. The southern and western provinces also suffered rain at that time, the number 9 of Hurricane. So MiA's fun day is not due to wind and rain, and her groom has to cross flooding to get her to enter the girl's house.

A couple of days ago with a meeting with fans, MiA once said she had gone home to attend her sister's feasts. Beauty is not afraid to return to the family busy cleaning up, preparing for "sister" a happy day.

The Singer celebrates MiA on a rainy day on the feast, flooding water - 2

Boys pass through the flood path to enter the girl's house as a result of the storm's storm.

However, compared to the contemplation of the singer, in the commentary section, many audiences were skeptical and doubtful: "But listen to the MiA who is going to be the flower," "It seems like her happy day, but it's not her sister"… Before responding to the audience's questions, the voice came from a "familiar face", not laughing or sharing anything else.

The real name of MiA is Dang Thi Tuyet Trinh, born in 1991. The audience remembered "The Face", "The Remix", and wants to get a young and dynamic music like R & B, combining Dance Dance. His "girl" was a student Ngo Thanh Van, before decentralizing activities and many MV invested "terrible."

Singer A MiA celebrated in rainy days, flooded with water - 3

MiA is a sexy and attractive singer.

Singer celebrates MiA on rainy days of fiesta, waterfalls flooding - 4

The audience attracted the "Family Face" program.

Hundreds of people surrounded Ngoc Son

"The King of Music" also confirmed the rainfall, when he also made charity.

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