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"Snow Queen" U40 still climbs as a young girl on stairs

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 22:13 (GMT + 7)

Compared to the time of the debut, Sung Yu Ri's beauty is salty, sublimated, but not completely weakened.

Sung Yuri was introduced to the entertainment industry for many years, but still very young, beautiful

Sung Yuri is a well-known actress with Vietnamese audiences, including many successful films Snow Queen, Hong Gil Dong, Love the story over timeHowever, before acting as an actor and becoming an A-list star in the movie industry, Sung Yuri is a well-known singer. He is part of the Fin.KL team (along with Lee Hyori).

Since it was premiered with Fin.K., Sung Yuri has been a prominent member, the most elegant and well-known member of the group. Later, when Fin.K.L broke and Sung Yuri approached as an actor, pure beauty and innocence of the idol remained.

At the age of 37, Sung Yuri admires more public, retains his identity as a recreational entertainment industry. Although "mid-2017" has become a "male wife", it seems that married life gives more appearance to the "queen of snow".

Former member of Fin.K.L is a 37-year-old girl

Sung Yu Ri shares his secret with the preservation of the "old age" beauty, which is used for many purposes at the same time. Korean, the essence is the "beauty" of many sisters. They are concentrated in the skin and have a concentrated shape that is easily absorbed to help you nourish your skin inside. The cost of essence is quite expensive to make a lot of use. Along with Sung Yuri, he has worked with several essences at the same time.

For many years in the leisure industry, Sung Yuri is also famous for a balanced body, becoming more and more attractive on the waist. Gyrotonic is a systemic exercise that helps in joints, improves the body's energy flow, cleanses arteries, improves endurance and improves health. Gyrotonic is also a Hollywood star activity, which is the longest spring therapy.

Sung Yuri was often practiced by Gyrotonic – such as one of the most popular celebrities such as Madonna

In addition to Gyrotonic, Sung Yuri also revealed the rising pools to climb up the stairs to get the perfect body. It is not always enjoyable in the gym, so it is a quick way to get fat from the stairs, which Sung Yuri has with the hues and strongest legs.

Check out the spectacular image of Sung Yu Ri U40 to see the incredible young "snow queen":

Sung Yuri uses a lot of essence to get younger skin

Lifting the stairs instead of the elevator helps the beautiful stairway without excessive training

Compared to the time of the debut, Suri Yuri's beauty is the only, sublimated sauce, but it is not completely weakened.

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