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Soft peeled skin, like Mai Ngoc Phuong Mai Phuong Thuy sisters


Wednesday, 2008/11/28 6:46 PM (GMT + 7)

"Addiction" is a secret mask secret Mai Smooth Thuy skin, pink.

Soft peeled skin like Mah Phuong Thuy's sister - 1

Often, Mrs. Mai Phuong Thuy shows a twinkling smile

The name of Mai Phuong Thuy is Mai Ngoc Phuong, born in 1993. She has a beautiful face with her sister, with a height of 1m72 and face with less love. After 12 years, after the coronation of his sister at the airport, Ngoc Phuong is very different. The manifestation of the "successful teenager" is a clear demonstration today. Often, Mrs. Mai Phuong Thuy shows a picture of Ngoc Phuong, said they are twins.

Gentle black white, like Mai Phuong Thuy's sister grapefruit

Mai Ngoc Phuong's "Successful Teenage Boy" 12 years after

Ngoc Phuong is the owner of the skin, soft like a baby's skin. Although this is an acne period, it has been repaired by scientific surveillance.

Sharing her beautiful skin every day, Ngoc Phuong said: "My white skin is somehow my mother's, but it's pretty thin, so I have to take care of myself. I use sunscreen to protect the skin from rainy days.

Mai Ngoc Phuong maintains the habit of applying healthy and glossy skin every week 3 times a week. He shows how to use paper masks and how to do business.

Beauties adds extra vitamins to make the skin really beautiful from day to day. "Every day, I drink powder that looks good, 1 cup of soy milk, 1 orange juice cup, 1 cup black bean and a lot of water." Ngoc Phuong said.

Gentle black white, similar to the pom Phuong Thuy's grapefruit

Due to humidity, be careful, Mai Ngoc Phuong's skin is not cracked in winter

There are two essential tasks for skin care in Mai Ngoc Phuong: by hand, apply sunscreen in the morning and make-up in the afternoon. Cleaning is also important in the beauty process. Before bedtime, she always removes make-up and then cleanses her face, even without makeup.

Before the eruption occurred, Ngoc Phuong applied the following to destroy them: "I regularly get acne, use skincare products to adjust skin and then treat bruises. Months more is a completely new skin, let's also sweet and fat foods for a long time to prevent more acne."

Not only care of care, Ngoc Phuong also time beauty divides the whole body of the skin. "Through my body, I exfoliate twice a week and I use daily cream." Outside, I always cool microelectronics, to burn all my body. They share beautiful people.

Thanks to the skin care principles, Mai Ngoc Phuong has soft smugglers.

White smooth skin, like Mai Phuong Thuy sister with grapefruit - 4

Pale skin, gentle like a vinewoman Mai Phuong Thuy. 6

White grapefruit, Mai Phuong Thuy grapefruit, 7

The beautiful face of a pale skin stands out in the beauty of Mai Ngoc Phuong

Huyen: My shocked face can be seen, it is hard to admit swelling

When he came to the final event, Huyen Myek fancied his strange faces, hard.

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