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Solskjaer deserves the CEO – 24-hour football

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 4:17 PM (GMT + 7)

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, for the first time with MU, was in danger but successfully fled Sir Alex Ferguson.

Return to match MU – Burnley

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not strangely back-to-back on screens and saving on last minute. He took part in the C1 Cup International Cup in 1999, and today he has been coaching Manchester United rugby on Tuesday.

He was defeated by the specialty that defeated MU: Solskjæri deserves the coach - 1

MU was made under the leadership of Solskjera for the first time, but they were successful

United beat Burnley to win 0-2, and Jose Mourinho won his first win, but the Pogba and Lindelof goal was won for about 5 minutes for "Reds". Photo "Fergie Time" every day. In Sir Alex Ferguson, MU would never know when he was given up, and Solskjær seems to have revived the spirit that has fought.

Although he has not won yet and the top 4 game still has a lot of difficulty, but the desire and desires MU players are an image of despair. This will make management MU more convincing in the official Solskjeer training.

Until now Norwegian coaches made things easier, Manchester United did not win all the competitions, but never scored a goal on the ball. The stone is beautiful and strong. When things go smoothly, pleasure, subjectivity and comfort are essential.

MU escaped from seasonal specialties: Solskjaar deserves a coach. 2

Solskjaer made a mistake when choosing directly, but it's time to correct it

Burnley is a tough opponent for MU to play against. In addition to the defense team, Burnley also gains opponents of time and "opponents" to inhibit psychology. Burnley is ready to go for the victory, and they will go further.

Then Solskajer missed the selection of the team, especially in the center of Andreas Pereira. Pereira made it straight into the first goal of the United States and did not get on the field again and again.

Following defeat by Marcus Rashford and giving David De Gea a second time, MU fans failed. But in the reserve, Jesse Lingard brought an 11-meter ball to score Paul Pogbak and scored an equalizer by Victor Lindelof at home with Alexis Sánchez.

The MU escaped with seasonal specialties: Solskjaar deserves a coach - 3

The MU player is still strong after receiving the second goal until the end of the match

Solskjaar may be wrong from the beginning, but it was quick enough to correct errors, helping both goals in both reserves and Sánchez Lingard. And, of course, the most important is the willingness of the players when there is no competition when it is not given less than 10 minutes when it is not won twice. Although Solskjaer was not afraid to see Rashford star in the corner, MU was also leading 1-2.

MU will be very difficult in the next matches next February and in March and in the season it will be significantly damaged. But Solskjær has shown that MU does not have a good football, as well as students to make animated performances. "Fergie Time" is a UM specialty, and it would not be surprising that Solskjær won the "sword" prize to create a "Ole Time" future.

MU shocked: Solskjaer

The British newspaper immediately wanted to replace Fergie Time with Ole Time after the MU's draw.

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