Saturday , January 28 2023

South Korean Director resigns with 10-year-old daughter's driver


Bang Jung-oh CEO declined when his recording of the interview between his wife and 57-year-old drivers opened, asking for public opinion. Korea is very angry.

10 years ago, the driver repeatedly winked, even though he refused. She recorded seven times her boyhood complex, and also reported the word "girl" Bang pairs; But the mother asked them to apologize, after firing the tape and firing at him.

Korean television director resigned with only 10-year-old daughter drivers, photo 1.

Bang Jung-today canceled (11/27).

Impressed, a 57-year-old man gave other cables to the television. With a conversation with MBC, the driver tears said: "At least I was pleased to apologize, but that did not happen.".

These seven recordings are:

"I'll talk to my mother and I'll go away soon";

"Stupid, I did not want to sit down. This is my car, not yours!";

"Good shot if you want me";

"She thought she felt" crazy, crazy, my hands, my face, my ear, no mouth ";

"His parents taught him badly";

"I hate!"

When he broke off, the Directorate of the State's father was forced to apologize for his daughter's behavior. Immediately announced his resignation shortly afterwards.

"I really regretted what my son had done, and he had to endure his sincere will for the driver!" – Mr. Bang told the media.

Korean television director resigned with 10-year-old daughter's driver - Photo 2

Home media has been in the way for 10 years.

This is not the first time that the warm-up of Kimchi's countries shows the attitude of respecting their subordinates. Previously, in December 2014, citizens also faced the youngest daughter Cho Yang-ho, who served as vice president of Korean Air, splashed water in a house, a Billboard.

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