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Steed known, despite his pain, save Cao Cao

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Cao Cao Rookie was on the horse but Great Picture is his favorite horse.

Video: Cao's comment failure.

Cao Cao (155-220) Politician and military Manh Duc emphasized Eastern Han Dynasty at the end of Chinese history. In the three kingdoms, he built the base for forming Cao Wei. As one of the most famous figures of the three kingdoms, Cao Cao's heroic life still admires today. However, Cao's great military career also has many ups and downs.

One of them could not remember the gruesome battalions and the exciting killings of their enemies. To deal with these battles, it is not a plan, a judicial talent, but a real steed.

They have recorded the books of history, the famous quarter called Cao Cao. This is the "god of code", Cao Cao, my dear fellow.

The reason for Steed is called Image Stunning, because it has the ability to capture so much shadow. The Great Picture captures the wonderful nature of the horse.

Along with Xich Tho, Dich Lo, Nganh Anh Pony Luar Be, Luo Be and Cao Cao related to the famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms.

The image is a whole body that covers black, strong, tall, and muscle horse, generally general property.

Cao Cao was born among the most serious conflicts, the horrific speed of the Great Picture's great horror frightened by the enemy and the famous knight is very faithful to the calendar. to use.

The Great Picture uses Cao Cao as a participant in a battle but, unfortunately, the fierce fight has been killed.

That's why, in 197, Cao Caok attacked Truong Tu (Uyen Thanh, Indonesia) to capture the city in the middle of the occupation process. Initially, when Cao Cao attacked Truong Tu, who could not face it, he immediately surrendered.

However, Truong Tu was not expected to be trapped. Because Zhang Xiu is causing unexpected reactions, Cao Cao does not have to keep his hands and almost kill him.

Vi Vi thanks 10 players, killed the rebels army and killed ten people. But with little power, there was not even an armor, the loyalty of the loyal Cao Cao's loyalty did not change "a stone against a stone".

The three kingdoms take on the meaning of the bull: known as the bull, despite its pain to save Cao Cao - 1

Cao Cao encourages the Great Picture horse.

Subsequent defeats were the people of Vi Viem, with more than 10 injured. He approached the army of Truong Tu to catch him, and then Vi Vi caught two enemies, breaking them over the other, causing them to die.

It was only the enemy to kill a dozen more people. In the end, Truong Tu troops had to go to the bow and lie and, finally, they went to the center of the spine to neutralize Vi Vi. While his eyes were open, he was slain and dared to approach the enemy a day later.

The ambassador to block the door, Cao Cao has enough time to escape the night. However, thanks to the Great Picture strategy, Cao Cao probably can not escape from that place.

Legend has it that, despite the three arrows captured on the way to escape with Cao Cao, Absolute Photo is not a trivial horse.

He still survived his life's name (Great Picture) to save his master. The Great Picture made the mission to escape Cao Cao and survive the harsh battle of Uyen Thanh and finally fell into an arrow that shot the eyes.

This wonderful horse was really love and loyalty, and Cao Cao was ready to die.

The battle of Uyen Thanh was one of the unexpected faults of Cao Cao. Cao Cao Cao Ngang, Cao An and Dien Vi lost their nephew, Cao Cao, not in the battle of greatness, the brave genres did an excellent politician during the Three Hailings. Crying and crying.

In 1994 film

"Cao Cao" admires the boundless love in real life to the whole family.

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