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The annual billionaire "Tinh Tinh Nhi" has paid more than 10 million Vuong Diem

This information is published in some Chinese newspapers on January 30th. That's why the Vuong Chi Tai Marina Bay Sands hotel has allowed 14 million SGD (more than $ 10 million) since 2014. Over the years, Vuong Chi Tai did not pay, so he will make a trial. Loss of micro-debt.

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Billionaire Vuong Chi Tai, husband Vuong Diem, allegedly reported $ 10 million in Singapore hotel.

Vuong Chi Tai, aged 64, is a luxury hotel casino in the Singapore hotel. From April 2013 to January 2014, he traveled three times in the hotel and lost three. Wang Zhishin wrote a note of bankruptcy and asked for a credit card appointment, but the credit card was a fake card. In addition, Wang Chi Tai offers false information about Australia's residential situation. So, last year, the New South Wales court paid Wang Chi Tai debt and forced it to pay the debt.

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Vuong Diem considered the beautiful Pure Land, the "Hoan Chau path" smooth.

On January 30, a 64-year-old businessman dismissed this information and said that a casino linked to a brokerage firm had signed a document in English. Wang Chi Tai did not know that he had signed up for a note. The side of the hotel also dismissed the information and explained that they had never used any intermediary.

Wang Zhi Tai is one of China's richest and most talented entrepreneurial Chinese entrepreneurs. A source has been revealed, funded by Vuong Chi Tai over $ 5 million. Wang Diem married a beautiful actress in 2000 and had a son with her.

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Vuong Diem's ​​life after marriage is very comfortable, happy and rich.

Since he was married, Vuong Diem has filmed "Hoan Chau path," he retired from entertainment. After Vuong Diem, life was not very wise, but the Chinese media repeatedly said they were very happy that her husband was rich. He lives in a Vuong Diem villa, just like a miniature mansion for viewing directly to the city of Debabarrena. Every day every day supermarket. In Beijing, China is one of the richest.

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Vuong Diem did not get married after the shooting and retirement of entertainment.

Vuong Diem's ​​friends have said that the wealth of the family of husbands, Vuong Diem, did not have to work hard. "It does not work," she said. Wives and housewives have just been there, "said Vuong Diem's ​​friends in 2017 and 2018 in 2017, her son in China will meet in various events. take photos for magazines.

However, scientists in China commented that Vuong Chi Tai was really a cycling cycle and a giant debt, and in the future Vuong Diem would not be easy and peaceful life. . Before the bad news about "Mr.", Vuong Diem has not commented yet.

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Vuong Diem gave birth to her husband, a beautiful and elegant son.

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The famous star is still silent about "his wife".

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