Friday , July 1 2022

The bride is sad, after the groom friend's association is hidden cake cake cake for the wedding


On the wedding day is the most beautiful day of the bride's life. In this special day, families, relatives, the presence of friends' associations make the bride a happier day. However, people still rejoice: happy is not so happy …

Recently, the eloquent expression of the correctness of this expression appeared in MXH. The newly-shared series character is a groom that stands out above white, white, and bride, after receiving a "body-shaped" package. You know, but it's not just super friendly friends.

The groom's sticky note cake, if the wedding dress should buy a lease … (Photo: Thanh Kim Bui)

Marriage today, after the ring and the same house declaration, unmarried to throw wine and finally cut the cake to invite the guests. However, at this wedding, they both did not fully get a piece of cake because of gluten … before the groom!

The bride is empty, the sad bride, the young man laughs at her husband for the next season, "It's so funny!" (Photo: Thanh Kim Bui)

Shortly afterwards, after sharing in MXH, trols were well received at weddings, attracting interest in the network. With laughter close by the young "shaping", most people have said that this joke is a bit too much!

The image is now widely shared by Netizens and is the most commonly used heading: "This is a sad story …"

"Good fun is not good, it's not good, it's a birthday, it's a wedding day, I also have to worry about people as well. Now, this nhoét nhoét is how to do it …" – Facebook Comments Off.

"I do not know how close my friends are, but I'm sure parents, I do not like the guests, look at the bride's face. – Facebook added Kim Anh.

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