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The "Dragon" was 100 million people of royal music


Tuesday, November 27, 2013 at 5:00 a.m. (GMT + 7)

Showbiz 26.11 entertainment names are hot, such as Hoai Linh, Truong Giang, Ngoc Son …

Hundreds of people surrounded Ngoc Son "dragon nest" after 100 million storms

HOT 24 hours: & # 34; dragon nest & # 34; $ 100 million closed to crowded music crowded - 1

Every year, as usual, the "king of music" Ngoc Son again offers gifts to the poor in his palace. On the afternoon of November 25, Ngoc Son directed the fans who had searched for the advertisement. At noon, on November 26, he distributed charity rice.

Ngoc Son uses striking and eye-catching t-shirt shirts and prepares coins of 100,000 dollars and distributes lots of rice to the poor. Ngoc Son 5-7 times people know about receiving gifts, but it's free.

In addition, the "music king" also announced the storm in the city. HCM.

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Van Toan was injured, visitors found something special in the room

HOT 24 hours: & # 34; dragon nest & # 34; $ 100 million crown prince crowned by the following typhoon people

Van Toan was injured and he could not play against Cambodian, as well as the rest of the championships. Vietnam is a fan of the band's fans.

While visiting the private room of the player, the amazing Big Bang fan club released the G-Dragon Coup d & # 39; s album, solemnly in front of the bed.

He's known for his 22-year-old idol album in the last Korean workout. The record is not a "box" but it remains a reminder.

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The singer made Hoai Linh, Mr. .. How to pay 1 million hours?

HOT 24 hours: & # 34; dragon nest & # 34; $ 100 million closed to crowded music crowded - 3

In 2017, Ha My singer, Mr … Inviting you to sing abroad and up to 1 million, he participated in the show "Love Bolero Festival". He made publicity to show the artist Hoai Linh. Although she has been a wife in America.

Ha My life has changed a lot now. "I live with my mother, daughter and grandson," said the last conversation. "My mother spent most of her time looking after her little daughter, family and non-artistic.

I returned to the show. Along the way, I sat behind the driver's daughter. On the road, mothers and daughters unfortunately, have eaten the eel. I had a foot in my leg and I had to go into the hospital for almost a month. "

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When Hong Nhung showed two children's psychological treatment when they saw pictures of another woman's father

HOT 24 hours: & # 34; dragon nest & # 34; After $ 100 million in royal music, it was crowded

After a noisy rumor on the "third person" rumor, Hong Nhung recalled two years ago to go to Saigon's flower garden for two children. In addition, the singer published a picture of "Family", but only 3 are his and two children.

This movement was commonly observed earlier than yesterday, the first diva who honestly talked about her mother and daughter who lived after the break: "It's been a year. Hard time for small family Bong – Shrimp – Shrimp."

That's why the old husband Hong Nhung was "perhaps accidentally", so hurriedly published a new life in Facebook, trying to see and mix the two little children. Later, Hong Nhung summoned her husband immediately to sit down and followed him.

After the incident, Hong Nhung children still do not go to the doctor.

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Because Truong Giang is a "heavy rain" than the sky, Hoai Linh amazed at home

HOT 24 hours: & # 34; dragon nest & # 34; $ 100 million after the Typhoon crown crowned by the crown of the people - 6

Big storm in TP. The city of Ho Chi Minh has made people miserable, shares with Vietnamese artists and trusts. Hoai Linh breathes when he shares: "Finally, come back home. Thank you, thank you." There were many fans who asked for a stormy weather at the comedy amateur in Saigon.

He is known to have made a tour abroad, but he returned to Vietnam when he had to fly his plane for an hour in Thailand.

Other than Hoai Linh, Truong Giang is a humorous way to post Nã Nha Nha's photos. He said: "Having a wife is never cold. Bad weather is sunny, it's sleeping.

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HOT 24 hours: 100 million church buildings, Hoai Linh enjoys this place

Vietnamese Showbiz 12.11 at Hoai Linh, about Toa Huan's new "work cave", by Tuan Hung.

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