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The first time he was treated as an umbrella, he came out of the door of a girl and said this instantly!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 07:00 a.m. (GMT + 7)

He only took the culinary market, he had to move the house, wash the dishes … without any other help.

It was treated like a sort of debut for the first time, this sentence came straight out of the door of the girl! - 1

He thought he was returning home and never thought of going home again. Artwork.

In the last days of this year, there is also a possibility of being a member of the family, even if there is a chance to take couples with each other. You want to cry, bad stories. Normally, when a mother is treated as a shelter when she returns to her home, she causes a stormy social network.

For this reason, she said that she and her lover had been in love for a year, because they were not 2 years old, the work is not stable, they do not want to marry, but both parties want to establish a long-term relationship.

Without a doubt, when he was playing, he was in charge of going to the market, cooking, taking care of the house … his parents, his sister and his lover also came out. That way, when he left another boy, he expressed his inappropriate attitude: "This is the first time I went home."

Originally he wrote:

"I went home home, only the role of a friend, maybe I'm invited here, but I do not understand why anyone preparing to cook rice did not go into the market, but it just left me.

– The market is new, I went straight to the right and bought some things to prepare my family, my parents were busy. I have done some work here.

I went through the market all the time, I approached the market, I thought I had been with me for about an hour, I thought I was helping me with my strangers, because my sister was just a sister. Maybe play with grandparents) and then say:

– When I'm making rice, I've left.

I mean, I have to make egg, because my daughter is getting used to it, so I also have to make rice, potatoes, cooked cabbage, I make some eggs, because my eggs are eggs. add a little meat, bean sauce … I have done it myself, I do not see my lover until later with my parents, I think my parents return home, I go to my house, dress well and tell me I am:

– I only made the rice, girl busy?

Then go home to change clothes, before going to the doctor before looking at the neck, saying:

– When it's rice, call.

1 time later, my lover returned, my lovers also came to the province where they came home …

– I still do not finish the rice? I made so long.

I swear at this time, I have a lot of inhibitions, I do not have an umbrella, but I still do not go back

– Yes, it's over. Everyone called them to prepare food.

I wash the tray, fortunately, I helped my lover get a little calf, after a while, everyone ate rice. While eating, her lover said:

– I cooked it, it's not very good.

His sister turned on

– Well, the flank does not look like that.

The whole family left the food, I was still silent, I try to eat, with my family, because my parents liked it because I like their parents. When I finished eating, I started my sister, my father, came to my mother and came to the end and said:

– 2 children took care of their dishes and took advantage of the situation.

So I had to cover the calves and wash the dishes, and let anyone who might have an idea of ​​caring for a lover would end up with calf:

– Here's a liquid cleaning dish here, I cleaned this dish here, ships here. Then, remember washing machine counter wash. Go home and wait. "

He left the house as he was humorous and suddenly doubted that at that moment the new boy came out with patriarchal, imposing and old-fashioned personalities. "That's your normal family, why do you think family are so different? Being a girl, being a woman, do not even think about not being in love with her husband."

And, of course, they also said the last sentence when they said each other, because the girl "accelerated" did not even forget about "one year's love".

After publishing the story, many people expressed indignation about the behavior of the boy and the help of a girl. There are also human beings and no olives to serve each other. Besides, he is currently a guest, after the wedding, maybe Mr.Sin has more "dignity".

Andrea Nguyen wrote: "In my youth, my father always taught me how I went to work on a desk to help my family, trying to do something with them, not stop at the eyes of the people, I was evaluated. I only help you and people leave all things and throw it to my father, I do not have to serve other people.

Phuong Thao commented: "When I think of an olive tree, I think that I do charity, I feel much more peaceful".

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