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The FLC giant signed a US $ 3 million dollar deal in the U.S., immediately triggering a "storm".

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

Investors turned their money into a very small and very speculative term.

After a strong correction, the Vietnam stock market was immediately recovered on trading day 27/2. However, since the price of stock prices is too high, the purchasing power is not very active, the tension has been shown. Market liquidity remained at a good level, which reached more than 5,000 million VND in HSX.

In the end, VN-Index grew slightly from 3.21 points to 990.27 points. In HNX, HNX-Index continued against HSX, falling 0.03 points and dropping 107.63 points.

The FLC giant signed a $ 3 billion US deal immediately

The market was recovered after yesterday's amendment

Foreign investors activated clean sellers for the day-to-day business day, with a sale value of VND 70 million to HSX.

Currently, the movements of key stock have been clearly distinguished. The banks were red strangers. VCB lost 1.6%, lost TCB 2%, CTG lost 1%, ACB fell 1%. Values ​​were also in the same situation: SSI, HCM, all VNDs dropped.

Today, the bombing has been great and has been the main motivation for the market. The VIC-VHM pair of Vingroup ended well. VNM (Vinamil) increased by 2%, BVH (Bao Viet Group) grew 1.5%, GAS grew by 1.4% and NVL by 1%. On the other hand, VJC (Vietjet Air) fell 1%, PLX 0% It fell to 6

Especially, the evolution of small market prices continued to be carefully monitored by investors. Hung Vuong Fishing HVG, HAGL's HAG and Hoa Sen's HSG increased trade volume. FLC is a remarkable FLC team. This stock brings the liquidity of the whole market to the "large" order of 26.16 million units, the highest of August 2018. Finally, FLC has 190 dong (3.5%) and 5,600 dong /

FLC giant signed a US $ 3 million dollar deal immediately

Mr. Trinh Van Quyet (FLC Chairman) and Boeing Vice President Kevin McAllister signed a contract for airline sales. Photo: FLC.

The FLC Group signed a contract to purchase Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners with the Boeing aircraft manufacturer, US President Donald Trump and the Secretary General. President Nguyen Phu Trong ahead of the U.S. summit in Vietnam. The estimated forecast is $ 3 billion. Last June, Bamboo Airways also ordered a total of 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, totaling $ 5.6 million. This information is published by Mr. Trinh Van Quyet – President FLC at noon on his official Facebook page.

HAGL suddenly

The large cash flows suddenly began to emerge in the HAGL shares in the German elections.

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