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The general military called on Pham Thi Yen to "protest against heroes and martyrs".

General of Military Pham Thi Yen decided to clarify against heroes and martyrs - Photo 1.

Ba Vang Pagoda released "deadly death" as regards news media, the mentioned character is Pham Thi Yen, often featured in publications, Ba Vang pagoda propaganda videos. Facebook social networks, teaching Buddhist Youtube dharma.

Mrs. Yen, angry at public opinion, said that the chicken given by Dien Bien said that such a video is "the most important cause of past karma". According to him, the student had "the payment of the karmic".

Additionally, in another video, Pham Thi Yen also mentioned the heroes and soldiers who went to fight against the enemy and said they were "only low paying".

Yen said in the video, "It is a karma that kills this karma as a result of the heroic martyr of the past."

These statements saw the public as very unfortunate.

Mrs. Yen's speech, exchanged with PV, chief of Nguyen Duc Huy (former Deputy Chief of the Military Region, head of the Vi Xuyen Bonding Subjects Committee of Matters) said the heroes were alive. He proclaimed the war of the national defense, unable to devour his shadow.

"The press should be condemned, the law enforcement agent must clarify the case in order to counteract this abusive conduct (" Yen – Mrs. PV "), which is now a peaceful country," said General Huy.

From the same point of view, the general lieutenant Pham Xuan (in force at the time of the exemption of the United States in force in the service of the heroine of the town) stated that the legal authorities should take this into consideration and be rigorously managed.

According to Thieu, thousands of years ago, our country is always in a state of aggression against the enemy. When war is over, we are forced to stand up and defend.

"The heroes of the Martyrs have sacrificed their blood and protected the country, because they did not sacrifice their lives before they had karma, and they did not have any debt, these statements are very offensive, their honor, thank you," General Thieu was annoyed.

The General of Military Pham Thi Yen decided to clarify anti-martial heroes - Photo 2.

Ba Vang's Abate Thich Truc Thai Minh Temple and Buddhist

Pham Thi Yen andrea (SN 1970, Dong Tien komuna, Khoai Chau, Hung Yen). Later, Yen's biological parents moved to Hong Hai (Ha Long City, Quang Ninh).

Mr. Tran Van Than, team leader 5, field 5 (P. Hong Hai – his wife lived there) in 1989 said Mr Yen was married to PVD (group 13, P. Hong Hai) and 2 children together . After a long period of separation, the divorce procedure ended in 2017.

"In the past, Yen was a costumbreist, working on the Ha Long marketplace, but Yen has long since retired. He has been returning to the province for more than two years to sign a certificate of employment," he said. Thanek

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