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The girl was feverish when she skillfully "asks" her lover's gift in a subtle way

Thursday, February 28, 2019 15:22 (GMT + 7)

The online community is launching the young girls directly as a way to trick off the gifts of the lover.

In July 2014, Billy Yang and Jen Vang officially announced love relationships, always sharing their romantic and entertaining moments on social networks.

The girl lightly cleverly

Recently, on February 24, Billy distributed a gift to Jen as a silver ring of Pandora. What is noteworthy is not the value of the ring, or a sweet state, but the girl has a gift for a long time.

Girl fever skillfully

It can be said that this gift is material or not, it can always be expected in any love relationship. The nomination of Jen is a testament that he looks after his girlfriend, although he does not say it.

Girl fever skillfully

Girl fever skillfully

Shared Billy: "To give your boyfriend a gift that you want, you want to post a photo of two times more than the other half, like the Pandora ring.

Girl fever skillfully

Billy's message quickly opened soon, with 126,000 shares and 59,000 likes in 2 days. Billy liked Billy a lot, others hiding his "secret" immediately.

Girl fever skillfully

Stronger girls

Billy did not receive a ring, but Jen also had nails better. For this reason, Jen has given the online community "men's year" title.

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