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The grandmother hardly asked her niece.

In the last days, he killed the offspring with heart, and took him to Han to take him to Da Nang's funeral.

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Bui Van Hoi's goal, when he killed his daughter and was thrown into the Han river, were angry

like it AP On February 24, February 24, the police received the news of the niece's nephew Mr Nguyen Thi H. (SN 1972, Thai Binh province). (SN 2011, a resident of Binh province in Thailand), Bui Van Hoi (SN 1985, who lived in the Thai Binh province), was killed by two biological parents who died in Han River's Da Nang.

The news is being investigated urgently by Da Nang City Public Security, information clarified, the suspect's search and arrest by the victim's body. On February 25, at 4:00 p.m., the police were arrested for the suspect Bui Van Hoi.

In the small village of Hoa Tien, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh province, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dan (71) was sitting in the dream of her grandmother's wife. His hand duplicated, repeatedly, a picture of a pretty grandfather with his family taking pictures.

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Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dan, grandfather N., in her hometown, hoping to find her niece

Almost three years ago, 2010 Bui Van Hoi fell in love and got married in the nearby LT.H., and was born B.T.U.N. Due to difficult economic circumstances, he began negotiating with his wife to borrow money to export to Korea.

Mrs. Dan said: "He traveled to Korea for more than five years, he went home and paid for the money he earned, and then returned with the contract. His wife was pregnant and stayed home for the twins. I thought it was a good monk, he won money and then his wife and children returned to him, allegedly having the crown with him and asking for his wife's divorce. When I returned to the country, the couple argued once and for all, from the beginning of 2018 until they were divorced, to feed the children …

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In the Norwegian city of Binh, he brings mourning and pain.

Sitting beside us, Mrs. Bui Thi Thoi (60), half-sister and half-sister, said that divorce had been dismissed by all households. That is why the entire family can only support and support their own children. Often, she took her Korean girlfriend, but she moved away from her family, because she did not stay home.

After the divorce proceedings of his wife had ended in early 2018, Bui Van Hoi sent Da Nangi to Nerbio to live with her and give her a "new wife" of Korea. At that time, the children of N. did not cry, crying and coming home, but they could not.

He said: "He just loved, at that time, he cried and asked himself. I took it and I was old, I decided I could not win. I'll take care of my children.

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Baby N. took a picture of his family when his father was taken to Da Nang

On the afternoon of February 24, when they ate two daughters and babies, he approached his friend to review the bad news. That day on Sunday, the two children did not go to the kindergarten, so 3 grandchildren began to prepare rice early. At about 5:00 PM, neighbors reported that their baby had died, that information was aloud in social networks.

"At night, he also acknowledged there and said he was" losing beats ", I was surprised, I could not think of anything, after which he knew his uncle. My family soon waits for the body … Water is cold with my kids …", Ms. He lowered his hand and squeezed it tightly.

Nowadays, N's grandfather's family members arrived in Da Nang where they wanted to quickly find the baby body.

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