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The latest information about murder of Dien Bien chicken students

Thursday, February 28, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

In recent days, when five evil enemies killed Cao My Duyen, national people shared the pain of losing their families; The hard work to participate in the project to share and boost police force.

However, along with the Project Committee, there is still a lot of work. It is necessary for the best researchers to question, gather and strengthen the tests, to clarify the nature of the case, to complete the investigation and to complete the screening. It is strictly a case.

The mystery of man is to collect some money from female students

The CAND newspaper reports on the evolution of the case after being arrested by Vuong Van Hung. Experts have reported 3 sentences. In this case, the initial button of each case The Dien Bien Province Police Research Agency will gradually be phased out. Objects Bui Van Cong – The subject of intrigue and Pham Van Nhiem.

However, in the first phase of this case, three of these issues repeatedly failed to declare two other accomplices, Luong Van Hung, SN 1991, Na Hi town, Hua Thanh municipality, Dien Bien district and Luong Van Lu, SN 1991, resident in: Ban Man, Thanh Nua Comuna, Dien Bien neighborhood, Dien Bien province. The two evil enemies of light are a strange process of the police forces of the Ministry of Public Safety and the Provincial Police.

New information about Dien Bien-1 chicken woman's female death

Trang A Tua Colonela, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Safety, the Directorate General of the Project led the trial forces.

According to members of the Police Dien Bien Police Department, when they visit the victim's family, condolences and crime scene, Luong Van's strange behavior.

Luu Van Lu is always on the outskirts of police station, always asking people if the police have found traces. Although the female student Cao My Duyen and Luong Van Lu had a funeral funeral, he also followed a group of cemetery to the cemetery, still asked and heard police investigation.

Luong Van Lu's suspicious statements, professional measures and the launching of mass movements to denounce the criminals, Scout revealed information about the second day of the Lunar New Year's day at the home of Bui Van Cong.

However, when he was summoned by police, Luu Van Lu dismissed Bui Van Cong. However, when Duyen's daughter found Duyen's body, she did not know about Duyen's and Luong Van Lu's body, she loved friends and amusement games. Electronic time was at the time at the gaming house and in the city's kiosks … To create alibi.

Duyen's funeral was used, it was just a matter of collecting money on the street, to make money. Looking hot in the spot, Luk said the games were not real. Avoid headache. Present perhaps you have delay your visit which has a specialist and exactly how a lot you rue for your lost time … Cease procrastinating your conference with a decent license taxi drivers in Luong and do in your case what nobody can do in your place.

Step by step decipher the mysterious death

The case became a new process when the Dien Bien Province Police Department demonstrated evidence of punishment and reported Luong Van Hung and Luong Van Lu's objection. Today, the CSDT Police Department in Dien Bien demonstrates that Luong Van Hung and Luong Van Lu have been sued, and he wants to investigate and clarify this case.

During the days of Dien Bien, at bus stops, restaurants, water establishments, neighborhoods, and town districts, people talk about the awesome case that happened in the province of Tet. Mr. Nong Van Cao (56 years old), Mr. Nguyen Ba Truong (57 years old), at the 8 th headquarters of Thanh Truong ward, in Dien Bien Phu, said: during the Tep Fests, city policemen and police officers, home and other houses I got some to get strange information about the disappearance of Duy's 8th team. The curators also sent notes to the collection of information and people were carefully acquainted with and sought out evidence related to male objects and cases.

When reading the newspapers, seeing the television of Duyen's disappearance, people were confused and worried that we should always be there to get to where my daughter and grandson were in the dark. He heard about this case, and then, after 72 hours, he was arrested by the criminals, he did not expect the police to find so quickly.

Reporters CANDr, curator Tran Van Son, member of the Central Committee of the Party, said the members of the Dien Bien Foro Party Commission said: On the first day of the new year, General Sung A Hong, the director of Dien Bien Province Police, said. In the name of the Provincial Committee, the 30-day security and demand situation in Lunar New Year includes thirsty females in the afternoon of thirty-thirty.

The Provincial Party Commission ordered the province's police to expand its power to protect people and to welcome and welcome in the spring; At the same time, force the forces to coordinate with the mass to solve the student.

At 3 noon on Lunar New Year's Day, when the Duyen body and the Alder Committee were found, the Foral Order Commission promised to investigate and clarify the provincial police; directly, the director of the Department of Police of the Province analyzed the field of management, created, assigned, strengthened the forces and paths of the Specialization Council to be directly informed of the Province. The Party Committee verifies the case of the Provincial People's Committee and the work carried out.

In the last days, the Secretary of the Provincial Party of Dien Bien told the situation he worked directly with the Law Police Department; Periodically listen to the Directorate of the Department of Police and inform, correct and correct information about the situation of the procedural authority.

In spite of the unclean and synchronous responsibility of the professional measures of the police forces, with the support of the mass, they were only arrested for 72 hours. It can be said that the public opinion valued very well the Provincial Police forces and the professional units of the Public Security Ministry, together with the provincial authorities, in an appropriate investigation. ..

The Secretary of the Provincial Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, underlines that the Board of the Permanent Commission of the Provincial Council repeatedly remarks that the agencies and police officers of Dien Bien have conducted the procedures. Probintziako Probintziako Probintziako Probintziako Probintziako Probintziako Probintziako Probintzia auzitegiko epaitegiari, eta epaitzeko, epaitzeko epaitegian epaitzeko, eta zigor arina, Kriminala, krudel eta bereziki larriki zigor law …

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