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The latest news from the storm's 9th novel sends them from Binh Thuan to Ben Tre


Sunday, 11/25/2015 at 15:22 (GMT + 7)

Typhoon 9, which affects Binh Thuan provinces of Ben Tre, people have caused great damage.

The latest issue of Thunderstorm 9 has come from Binh Thuan to Ben Tre

Next location and direction of tropical depression. Photo: National Hydrographic Forecasting.

According to the National Meteorological and Hydrological Survey, on November 25, the number 9 of the typhoon weakened in tropical depression and reached Ba Ria Vung Tau from Ben Tre.

At 13:00 pm, tropical depression center on the coast of Binh Thuan and Ben Tre southern provinces. Low pressure 6-7 (40-60 km / h) in low-pressure tropical pressure levels, level 9. Wind-radius 6 levels, 8-degree 70 km.

It is predicted that in the next 12 hours, tropical depression will move west to 5-10 km west, from Binh Thuan to Ben Treera, to the mainland, with a high intensity of 6-7. 9; then weakened by low pressure.

Tifon's No. 9 latest news Binh Thuan and Ben Tre-2 raged

Sai Gon great rain

November 26, November 26, a low-lying location in the south-eastern part of the Cambodian province. The strongest of the low pressure area is under 6 levels (40 km / h below).

The impact of tropical depression on the 9th weakening of the 9th of the typhoon was due to the strong winds of Binh Thuan, Ben Treera, south, afternoon and 6-7. The ocean has a height of 2-4 meters in the sea.

Additionally, the effect of cold air increased, a strong northerly level of the Gulf of Beibu 6, shock level 8; the sea.

The latest news from the storm 9 to Binh Thuan to Ben Tre - 3

The Vung Tau sea storms out. (Photo: Le Nhan)

Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon and afternoon (11/25), with heavy rains (100-200mm) and probably cyclones. High precipitation risk is combined with high tide.

Thua Thien Hue from Binh Thuan province, South Central Highlands and south, 100-200mm rainfall, 250 mm long; Northwest Highlands and southwestern heavy rainfall from 50-100mm.

From November 25th to midnight on the night of November 27th, the effect of cold air increased, along with the blending of East Winds, from the Quang Tri to Khanh provinces. Hoa Binh, rainfall population: Quang Tri, Khanh Hoa (50-80 mm / day); Thua Thien Hue, Da Nangen, Phu Yenen (80-150mm / day); Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh (100-200mm / day).

Thereafter, until the 28/11, there are flooding of the rivers Quang Tri and Binh Thuan, in the Southeast Province and the Central Zone. Quang Tri and Binh Thuan flooding floods are common with BD2-BD3, small rivers up to BD3; Central Highlands are in 1-BD2 levels. Floods in local floods, river floods, mountain ranges, highlands, and floodplains in pre-existing provinces.

Cam Ranh International Airport, paralyzed from rock

The Nha Trangetik Cam Ranh International Airport stopped stopping after two days of circulation.

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