Monday , November 29 2021

The passenger car fleet to Mount LangBiang was disrupted


Lam DongThe UAZ 54 vehicle transferred to the LangBiang Mountain Tourist Area has recently been suspended by the Lam Dong Department of Transportation due to a delayed date of use.

Mr. Nguyen Van Gia, Deputy Director of the Lam Dong Department of Transportation, provided the information on 18 November. In general, vehicles with badges and cars that are more than 15 years old are not allowed to ride in transportation.

54 The UAZ vehicle group specializes in transporting passengers from the gate of the tourist area to the summit of Mount Langbiang, with a crossing distance of more than 5 km, with many dangerous bends and steep slopes. Of the 54 specialized vehicles here, the Lac Duong Transportation Services Cooperative manages 41 units, the remaining 13 of which are owned by the Lam Dong Tourism Stock Company.

Tourists shook their feet up Mount Langbiang

Tourists are waiting in line to transport the car to reach the summit of Langbiang in the summer of 2019. Video: Khanh Huong

In addition, Da Lat also has several tourist spots that use specialized two-wheeled vehicles to transport tourists to the tourist area. Lam Dong Department of Transportation said that the next time the vehicle expires, it should stop working to ensure the safety of tourists.

On November 8, a UAZ car carrying passengers traveling to visit the Nho Que River (Ha Giang) crashed into a swimming pool of more than 40 meters, killing 3 passengers and seriously injuring them.

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