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The President arrested the handling of commodity prices; Showing the wealthy Vietnamese goods

Voting was made in Germany in tens of millions … Six years ago the tax was declared incorrect

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Bau Duc, a wholly-owned company, has been prosecuted for tax violations within the inspection period of Gia Lai Provincial Tax Department in 2013. Specifically, during the inspection period, the HAGL tax was 20% lacking, because VND was fined for more than 1.14 million euros, due to a false declaration, they were missing a tax payment.

The President arrested the handling of commodity prices; Showing the wealthy Vietnamese goods - 1

Bau Duc continues to disseminate information and to pay tax payments

To overcome the consequences, HAGL has to pay a retrospective of over 5.63 billion euros. In addition, HAGL also paid late payment tax almost VND 4.12 million.

Therefore, the fine for the German state budget and the retrospective amount is 985 thousand euros.

Stock Shock: The President is arrested for handling prices

On March 22, 2019, the State Securities Commission published information, the Binha Thuan Mineral Industry Industry Joint Stock Company was prosecuted for the KSA shares market.

Previously, on March 21, 2019, the arrests and temporary arrests of Pham Thi Hinh were applied to securities market manipulation.

Mrs. Pham Thi Hinh was born in 1973, a permanent residence: the 20A group, the Dinh Cong room, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, former President of the Industrial Industry Binh Thuan Miner, Chairman of the Board of Directors. VSM Securities Joint Stock Company Legal Representative.

On July 27, 2010, the floor dedicated to the closing price of the VND 60,000 first session, the KSA was stock hot in minerals, but then the operation of this company was less apparent. Unusual and psychological instability for shareholders and investors, such as the "ghost residue", in the contradiction of financial reports data …

40 years before Germany, the only event of 1,600 thousand million euros has "disappeared".

Yey's Yey1, March 21 negotiation session, fell on the ground and lost 7,100 VND of 95,700 VND, lost 100,000 VND officers. In the electronic trading table, the YEG bought white ones and surplus more than 390 thousand shares; The low volume of trade reached more than 26,000 units.

The President arrested the handling of commodity prices; Showing the wealthy Vietnamese goods - 2

Last year in the middle of the year1, the price of the YEG market was "the toughest" (photo: Mr. Nguyen Nhuong Tong).

From the beginning of March, "free fall" after 13 sessions, the YEG lost 144,500 VND per share, with a fall of 60.16% in value and the drop in YEG did not stop. .

With more than 11.43 million shares of YEG, 37.41% of the company's shares are worthy of Mr. Nguyen Anh Nhuong Tong – the President of the Commission, Yeah1, lost 1,650 million.

The value of Tong's assets is 1,094 billion yuan, and if the YEG continues to decline in the next session, it is likely that it will be below 1,000 million dollars.

In Vietnam's rich list of shareholders, Mr. Nguyen Nhuong Tong has quickly met 50. Previously, when Yeah1 landed, he noticed that a 41-year-old male entrepreneur was richer than the giants of the town. Mr. Truong Gia Binh – President FPT or Mr. Nguyen Duc (Duc) – President Hoang Anh Gia Lai.

The reason for the limitation, Yeah1 has received information from the Youtub from March 31, 2019 to end the agreement for hosting content hosting. The agreement will be applied to the financial investment companies / subsidiaries operating in the YouTube Yeahub section. There, including SpringMe Ple. Ltd., Y11 Network Plenary. Ltd., and ScaleLab LLC.

Vietnam's richest asset will touch 10,000 million dollars

Forbes statistics show that the value of the Pham Nhat Vuong's assets as of March 20, 2019, the richest person in Vietnam today has reached $ 8.1 billion, $ 1,500 million more. This magazine published the list of the richest people in the world in 2019 on March 5.

The President arrested the handling of commodity prices; Displaying wealthy Vietnamese goods - 3

Mr. The ownership value of Pham Nhat Vuong is steadily increasing during the statistic period

However, the price of the stock of VIC has increased significantly in the last year and is in the highest area. Assets calculated by Pham Nhat Vuong can be higher than the previous figure.

VIC began its morning session (March 20), with the opening price of VND2121,000. Before that, VIC was the highest 121,300 dongs on March 18. With the price of VIC shares, the value of Pham Nhat Vuong's assets is 225,688 billion dollars to touch 10,000 million dollars.

$ 500 million can not be considered a major giant in Vietnam's construction

On March 11, Pyn Elite Fund sold 2 million shares of HBC, reducing property to 13% of corporate capital, almost equivalent to 25.4 million shares in 2 days.

The President arrested the handling of commodity prices; Displaying wealthy Vietnamese goods - 4

Mr. Le Viet, President of HBC

As a construction company, HBC is facing many risks, at the end of 2018, according to the consolidated report, the HBC of Le Viet Ha registered nearly 12.3 trillion short-term debt. 10.9 billion at the beginning of the year). The receivables are also large: VND 11.1 trillion, equivalent to 480 million dollars (at the beginning of the year, VND 9.2 billion).

These figures are much higher with the VND of 2.9 trillion euros.

Inventories for the end of 2018 also rose sharply, more than 1,800 million euros, Vnd less than 1.2 trillion at the beginning of the year.

Debt receivables exceeded more than 11 trillion VNDs and account for 82% of total assets, and the economic situation of the HBC is difficult.

Prior to that, the HBC shares began to worsen in October 2017, because Khaisilk owed tens of thousands of debt. This company was suspected of having a close relationship with Phan Van Anh Vu (Vu Aluminum). However, later, this information will be verified as indefinite.


The President arrested the handling of commodity prices; Displaying wealthy Vietnamese goods - 5

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