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The secret service of the United States, Donald Trump, has been in Hanoi

Beautiful and very cold, Service Secrets Beast piloted: "Monster" President's trump protection mission is in Hanoi.


As Lehendakari Trump's other trips, the White House always distracts two "Beasts" by reducing the risk of attack.

To go to Vietnam to go to USA-Trieu, Bi Beasts brought a very famous trump. That's the two cars that take APEC, an official visit to Da Nang and Hanoi in 2017. Before that, in 2016, President Barack Obama also used his "Official" Vietnam in his official visit. This animal ".

Cold Americans

In Donald Trump presidential convoys, "Monster" is always careful. The car is guided by cars worth about 400 million worth of VND and is one of the closest and most faithful guardians of the president.

When Mr. Trump is taken to the Marriot, this morning, after visiting the head of the White House, to meet with celebrated leaders in Vietnam, the driver is "for the first time" to appear.

Cold Americans
The American Secret Service provides you with steps to check "Monster".
Cold Americans
Check the "Beast" mission before completing it

He was a beautiful agent at the age of 35. The agents had black suit, black glasses, and with him they always carried weapons with each other to protect the President. It is true that when this agent understands the cold … when the cold appears. Colleagues and principals, this agent does not talk to anyone.

It's the first day driving "Monster" … it cleans the car. The secret service of the United States plays an important role in protecting the President. A car with a length of more than 5 m is cleaned and polished every time.

Cold Americans
Cold Americans
Photo: Quyet Thang

Also, before Trump's president, Beast was able to thoroughly analyze the specifications, and the driver himself fulfilled the functions of an engineer. In the end, the driver must have agreed to a day trip plan for an absolute game.

Upon arrival in Vietnam on the night, probably the guys leading the United States was informed that the Marriott hotel backs up to thousands of reporters and citizens to "ignore."

Cold Americans
The Secret Service controlled the Beast
Cold Americans
The car went to Hanoi street
Cold Americans
US Secretary of Services conducts "beast" by President Donald Trump in Hanoi
Cold Americans
President Donald Trump handed his hand to Hanoi
Cold Americans

Reportedly, the US government has signed a GM contract to produce over a dozen free armored limos, US $ 15.8 million. On 23rd September 2018, at least two vehicles appeared on the roads that were used on the streets of New York.

This new limousine replaces the "beast" model used in 2009 by President Barack Obama and is currently using Hanoi. After a decade, this new version probably has modern equipment.

With this new car, drivers need "upgrade" technology, always ready to protect the US President adequately.

See My Trieu Summit Panorama.

The American Sniper controls the headquarters of President Trump

The American Sniper controls the high point of Trump city

Snipers constantly use binoculars, high-rise buildings, shrubs, etc.

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