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The top Ca Mau bar saw almost a hundred people finding "drugs"

Thursday, February 28, 2011, 3:51 PM (GMT + 7)

14 After confirming the highest number of Cau Maidea bars, 149 people were given medication, 95 people were positive drugs.

Ca Mau is one of the biggest detective bars in the world, nearly a hundred people play & # 39; drugs - 1

He inspected the bar and found many drugs

On February 28, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Ho Viet Trieu – Police Head of the Ca Mau Police said on February 28 police officers suddenly verified Thien Van Gossip Bar Ward 5 (Ca City). Mau), many young people found drug use. 149 people were invited to the residence, a fast test was found that had 95 people with drugs.

Assumed activity, 59 tablets, 2 marijuana bags around 30 grams.

That is why Gossip Thien Bar is the largest pub in the Ca Mau city of Tran Van Lai (39 years old, Village 1, Ward 8, Ca Mau city) and directly operated.

So Lieutenant Colonel Ho Viet Trieu added: "Today, we are categorizing the number of infringers, preparing documents according to the decree. On the morning of February 28, we sent 43 people to the family, the rest continued to study and manage.

6 girls and 13 young men

Surprise surprise in a village in the Pleiku mountain, police dams and gathered dozens of men and women …

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